UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

My Florida anise has been happy in its new spot.

At least, I think it's been happy, because today it flowered. Except that Florida anise, according to the tag, flowers in spring.


While rampaging new growth is sometimes a sign of a plant about to die horribly and trying to stave off the grim reaper, it doesn't seem unhappy or unhealthy, and it's billed as a hardy southeast native. So I can't figure it out. Possibly it's one of those plants that, given a very long growing season, will flower twice, or it was living in the crush of a nursery so long, its schedule is badly off kilter and its just doin' whatever comes to mind.

Regardless, the flowers are a gorgeous deep maroon, with a spicy, citrusey kinda smell (James claims there's an undertone of fish, but I think he's nuts.)
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