UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Today's been fairly productive. Got some work done on a painting, slathered down an abstract background on another piece that might get a critter on it, generally amused myself. Plus I bought some art supplies, and that's always fun.

Spent an hour at Lake Crabtree this morning. It was a good morning for birding--cool, overcast, rained last night. The Confusing Warblers are out in full force, of which I managed to identify male common yellowthroats (a very easy one) and snagged the palm warbler, a common enough warbler, but a lifer for me. You can identify those mostly by behavior--they pump their tails up and down constantly when they're sitting. Presumably they stop to sleep, but I can't swear to it.

Other than that, the herons and egrets were out, the kildeer flock is back, a red-headed woodpecker went up a tree and I watched a belted kingfisher lurking around the water's edge, plus the usual array of wrens and cormorants and whatnot.

And now, back to work!
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