UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

63K and counting!

My goal for today is to get the section from the beginning to their arrival to Anuket City into one seamless whole, so that I can turn all my attention to the second part. There's only a couple of gaps that need filing, and one scene that either needs to get re-written from t'other guy's point of view, or just cut completely, probably both in that order, if I determine that Someone Is Whining.

Played a lot of KOTOR2 last night, since James worked late. Mildly frustrated--I KNOW this chick's an evil Sith cow, I could have figured it out even without the fifty cut scenes where she blackmails, threatens, brainwashes and mind-wipes my other followers. I even burned Dark Side points so I could kill her in a vision, a small but petty satisfaction. Why can't I have a "Dude. You. Off the ship. Now." option, damnit!?

Another example of the way video games are different from books, I suppose. I'll grudgingly accept that she needs to be around in the game, but in a book, I'd be screaming "Throw her out the airlock! Leave her on Korriban! No one well-meaning knows that much about Sith history!"


And now, back to the grindstone...
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