UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

I was talking to my buddy Deb today about how unproductive I've been for a couple of weeks, and how guilty I feel about it. My problem of course is that I hold myself to a really unattainable level of productivity, and because I actually manage to achieve it occasionally, I beat myself up like crazy when I don't.

I know this, but unfortunately G.I. Joe lied to us. Knowing really isn't half the battle.

Deb pointed out that creativity is a well, and as they say, you have to take time to fill the well.

"Yeah," I said, "but I've always been more of a "Bring in the dynamite, and let's blast that sucker deeper!" type, myself."

I must try not to feel guilty. I am filling the well. I am not slacking. I am not acting like an unemployed loser. I am running off prints like a fiend.

Gotta fill the well.

At the moment, I'm--yes, fine, I am writing an absolutely dreadful bit of fan fiction which, god willing, will never ever ever see the light of day.

And it is fun.

It is unbelievably fun. It is sick and twisted fun.

I will chalk this up to filling the well, and try to feel no guilt.
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