UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

6K today--not too shabby. That puts it at 18K total.

Word counts make me feel like I'm achieving something, which is good, because I still have no desire to paint. On the down side, since we've barely gotten anywhere, and there's three more characters off in the wings clearing their throats, they also give me a sinking feeling that it may be a rather long book.

Oh, well, you can only write what you can write. Gotta keep forging ahead...

I hope to have a second chunk for y'all at some point, but it's coming in bits and pieces. I took a walk 'round the lake, and a really wonderful argument occurred wherever it is these things occur in my head, so I hurried to write it down, but it's one of those that's sitting off in the distance, and all I can do is navigate toward it and hope that's the right direction to go.

I did have a nice moment when I realized that Scarn the barbarian trained in the Mater Megatherium, a building I've been wanting to use for ages, which is built inside the preserved body of the Great Mother of Ground Sloths. It'd be nice if they actually got up there to look at it--or whatever's left of it, since it was almost certainly burned to the ground--but I'm not sure if it's in the cards. Still, a writer can hope...
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