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(no subject)

Viva Pinata game...is...crack.

It's like SimLife, only cute and not so impossibly hard. And with pinatas.

You have to breed the pinatas together--they do a "romance dance," very cute, all fairly tame. At least, so I thought, until James started a game, and suddenly it turned into "Pinatas of Gor" in there...

(Deleted comment)
Hah! Skies, what a great description. Painfully evocative.

Romance Dance, indeed!

...Ok, I know that I have really weird friends...

But I've been hanging out with them far, far too much...

'Cause you do not want to know what when through my head when I saw 'Pinatas of Gor'

And now I'm blushing.

What he do to the game to get "Pinatas of Gor"?!

He didn't do anything, it's his narration...

omgs!!!! I just looked at the website and ...I can see just how crack-like it would be. I already feel a deep need sprouting for this game. I hope I can talk my friend into buying an xbox 360!!

It exists for PS2 -- I know because I've seen it in stores, read the back, thought it sounded interesting, but was worried that maybe it was sekritly annoying once you bought it, so was waiting for reviews.

I think Ursula's decided me. :->

Is this a computer game or a console game?

It looks to be an xbox 360 game (drat it all).

Sadly, that game makes me want to buy a 360. I hardly play console games (in fact, I'm pretty limited - I only really play WoW... one-track mind). I would buy (and probably WILL buy) the 360 just for a pinata game @_@

My husband is so deep into this game that he downloaded the tie-in kid's show and is watching it. Because. Each show gives you a tip about attracting/breeding/managing your pinatas.

Oh, oh god yeah. My SO set the season pass in the TiVo before our 360 even *got* here...

Do you get to slaughter them for the candy at some point?

They cannibalize each other for the delicious candy with alarming regularity.

I have done something terribly silly. Not knowing what this "of Gor" reference was, I looked it up. What's worse is I looked it up on wikipedia. Worse still? Clicked on the *fanfic parody links*.

Dear lord, help me, I think something in my head just broke.

"She was beautiful. Gorean slaves are beautiful. It is a nature of their being slaves, on Gor, which is a planet where the right ways of being prevail, these being the proper place of things, of men and women in their right places, rightly. And so I, as the master, was the master, and she, as the slave, was not the master. That meant that she was the slave, not being the master. There are only two kinds of people on Gor, masters and slaves. This is the right way of things, which has evolved and now under the watchful eyes of the Pope-Kings it is the way of things on Gor."

No kidding.

I once fumbled an opprotunity to buy several Gor books for fifty cents apiece.

I do not know if this was a bad or good thing.

Well, it's...a thing, anyway.

I heart that game. ^^

Hey, what system is that for, anyway? I need to see this for myself.

Wow, nice to know Houseplants of Gor is getting a sequel then. ^_^