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(no subject)

 The first dream of the new year, and...dude.

A radio interview with a set designer that I heard last week crossed with a video game, and gave me...Blade Runner--Happy Pinata Style!

Something in my brain broke hearing Rutger Hauer narrate about the pinatas he'd seen, which would now be lost like tears in rain. (At least, I assume that's what was happening, there were all these damn pinatas everywhere, so it was getting hard to follow...) It was almost a relief when the dream segued into something where I was Anne of Green Gables and dating a guy who rode trained walruses for the Navy.

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*grin* It's a painting I did a few years back...I think there's another one or two like it somewhere...

Thanks! I found 'em; I don't think I've ever gone all the way through your deviantArt page, so there was lots of "new" stuff to look at. :)

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