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There's a house down the block that suddenly has about a hundred lawn flamingos in the yard. They appeared to have sprung up overnight, like mushrooms--Amantis flamingoides, say--or perhaps the lawn has become a brief migratory stopover for the species.


Sounds like a flamingo party! Is there a banner up too?

In some remote parts of this country it has become customary to 'flamingo' a person's yard when they turn a milestone age like 50. There have also been reports of cows, pigs and chickens as lawn ornaments too.

My church youth group did this as a fundraiser. For $10 you could flamingo someone's yard for a week . . . and the target then got first dibs on donating for the next 'decoration.' Good times.

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Just in case you didn't realize...

We are talking about plastic flamingoes here.

I did that for my father in law one year :) It costs 50 bucks & the reaction is priceless! :)

Sounds like that Telus promotion that happened here for a day... hundreds of pink lawn flamingos, stuck into the ground in the park down the street and in front of my college, all with little tags around their necks and huge signs saying "Don't just fly by; Take me home!"

I did take one home, and I called him Willard. But still, it was quite a strange sight to see...

You gotta admit, that's more creative than toilet paper.

This just reminded me that the original plastic lawn flamingo factory just closed a couple of months ago. It was in the town we live in, so the closing got a lot of press. Keep meaning to get to the Plastic Museum to see if they still have any in stock.

Yeah, I heard about that... I remember seeing a program about the company on the Discovery channel or somesuch this last year, and they mentioned that the company was having financial difficulties. Meh. :(

Overnight you say ?

There must have been a sea of spores in that lawn

And underneath

A huge mycelium

Still it is entertaining and the fellow who did must be a real fungi.

Didn't they find a huge ancient specimen in Russia a few years ago? I thought I saw something about how it was the worlds oldest known shroomingo, and that all modern specimens may well have been derived from it?

What are you waiting for? Mushroom flamingos are just waiting to be immortalized in visual form!

The only thing creepier I can think of, is waking up to an army of lawn gnomes all facing the front door.


Lawn gnomes vs. Flamingoes: the fight for the front yard. Now on Fox News!

Personally, having a half dozen raccoons staring in at me from around the back door as though they're waiting for something is a slightly creepier sight, but OK...

Sounds like an idea for a new painting :)

Pete at http://bluelunacy.blogspot.com

be on the lookout for lawn gnomes. They often follow the lawn flamingo's migratory patterns, like Native Americans did the buffalo.

haa haa haa! flamingoe parteez ar teh bombe!

My high school drama club used to "flamingo" lawns to raise money. We'd sneak out in the dead of night after rehearsal and stick between 25 - 50 flamingos on someones lawn for a buck each. Like if someone was turning 40 we'd put 40 flamingos on their lawn. Some people got them just to cheer someone up. I say all this because maybe that's what's happening. It was pretty popular and we had fun pretending to be super spies making covert flamingo attacks.

Now that sounds like a career I could get into! :D