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(no subject)

So. Um. Huh.


This is not an entry I particularly wanted to write, but since it'd be weird if I didn't--I record so many details of my life, and it'd be pretty obvious eventually if I was leaving it out--it looks like James and I are splitting.

Yeah, kinda sucks.

We're doing a trial seperation first. It's all very amicable and almost desperately congenial, nobody's really at fault, but, well....we had a bunch of good years, we got each other's careers started, and I've got no regrets. Still, we're both obsessive workaholics, and after awhile we just grew apart. We're great partners on the practical stuff, but eventually that's not gonna keep stuff going. So we'll take a few months, get the finances worked out, and I'll find a place of my own and...guess we'll see where life takes us after that. I'm not sure if I can make a living on my own on art and writing, but I'll give it a damn good try, and more than that, one cannot expect from life.

I'm alternating between calm and wrecked, as one might expect. Still, I'm taking it pretty well. The nice thing about the axe falling is that you're not worrying about whether the axe is going to fall.

So...well, there we are.

Funny the way life goes, sometimes. But as Grandma used to say--"This, too, shall pass."

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Since I can't offer anything else, being only a peripheral observer to your life through the lens of livejournal, here. I give you an imaginary rock to keep in your pocket. It is thin, about half the size of your palm, and part of one edge is a little sharp, like part broke away as it weathered. There are pits in the surface, and if you just take it out and look at it, the surface seems dull, a flat black without reflection.

But it is heavy in your palm, and when you wrap your fingers around the warmth it can hold for a very long time after spending a bit in the sun seeps out to warm your fingers, and if you slip it in a patch of water, it brings brilliant unexpected patterns with it, and shines so bright.

It's a rock that's helped me a lot, and I'd like to imagine that I could share it with you now, and hold on to it whenever it might help to know a stranger is thinking hopeful thoughts for you.

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