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(no subject)

Tell me, my friends...

Is the pit so deep, the night so dark, the despair so overwhelming...

...that reading Legolas/Elrond slash suddenly seems freakishly appealing?


I think with impulses of this kind, you're better obeying their whim. ;)

I'm sorry to hear about you and James...

Sometimes... ANY distraction is welcome.

As long as it's not a threeway with Gimli...

I read that as "Treebeard with Gimli"... X[

Okay, I'll chime in on the side of sanity.

You CAN'T read L/E, Ursula, you just can't!

I mean, everyone knows that Legolas/Gimli is the OTP...

let's talk about something more interesting!

When/Where can I buy a copy of 'Black Dogs'?


Can you at least make it Galadriel/Arwen... :)

Dear lord. We must save you from this fate at all costs. Find Ursula something else distracting to read!

(I forget, are you one of the allergic-to-anime people?)

If you find any that isn't painful to read you can send it my way ;D

My gut reaction is to tell you to run far, far away. The other part of me is vaguely interested in the logistics of a Legolas/Gimili pairing.

The rest of me wants to throw up.

it's perfectly normal. when you start reading mine sweeper fanfics then i'll worry.

Mine sweeper? Truly that is beyond the realm of any shred of human sanity.

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Just do it, you can resist!

Maybe if you were on fire or something, things might be dire enough to justify such depravity. Until that point, though, be strong! D:

Your icon is made of win! congrats!

Re: This side has cookies...


Um. Whoa.

Legolas/Erlond slash *is* the pit of despair.

Have you run across Who Knackered Aragorn's Catamite yet? Somehow I get the feeling that you'd like that one.

Be strong, Ursula. *laugh* Be strong. :)