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(no subject)

Tell me, my friends...

Is the pit so deep, the night so dark, the despair so overwhelming...

...that reading Legolas/Elrond slash suddenly seems freakishly appealing?


Perhaps the only sane response to despair is thoroughly silly insanity.

Resist! Resist! Read this instead:

While The Ring Went South, a wonderful fill-the-gap tale that is long enough to distract you for a while. (And when you're done, her other fiction is great too)


Well, considering I was reading Sherlock Holmes fanfick (good quality published fanfick, but still fanfick) to escape after my break up, I'm not one to throw stones...

You can or cannot resist, but I find them a fun and harmless guilty pleasure. At least it's not Legolas/Frodo. Ugh, Hobbit feet.

Yes, you must resist the bad impulses. Which, in this case, are to wallow in despair and do things like not eat or bathe. Reading slash is a far saner alternative.

Actually, have you run across any Legolas/Balrog? I'm interested in how other people deal with the mechanics of the situation...

While I myself am not partial to slash, I will state without reservation that fanfiction cures all ills.

Oh dear...you're not coping as well as you implied, are you? :)

oh, dear

I shouldn't have laughed as hard as I did. Hugglessess for Ursula.

What bad impulses? If you want to read some fluff, whatever stripe it may be, read some fluff. You've certainly earned it.

*Creepy airy voice* ... come to our side ... do not be afraid ... come join us ... do not fear the dark desires of your soul ...

As legend says, we have cookies!

"Come play with us, young child. We have teas so sweet you won't believe! And cakes, millions of cakes! What's that you say? There's something wrong with my eye? Oh, ignore that old thing. Did you hear me? CAKES!!!"

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Not my work, but my daughter's.

Nonononononono don't do that. Read this instead: http://bagenders.stormpages.com/episodes.html

This had me laughing so hard that I was nearly in tears. And there are slashy bits but they are funny slashy bits.

Aw, for fuck's sake. Deleted/reposted because I am a winner and cannot make links.

I wildly, wildly second this recommendation. (Possibly third/fourth/fifth, by now, since I've had this comment box open a long time while I got distracted.) I've maintained that bookmark through 3 separate computers, and if I ever lose it, I might actually die.

On the other hand, if what you're looking for is lovely, if sometimes a bit tinged with tragedy, Tolkien fic, including sexy ones, I recommend this, the LotR section of prillalar's fic website. I found it ages ago, and have just now refound it specifically to make this recommendation, and, seriously, I cannot recommend it enough. I didn't see any Legolas/Elrond as I glanced through, but I did see a Legolas/Haldir/Celeborn if you're into all-elf slash.

I first read that as Legos/Elrond.

Is there any Gandalf/Shelob pornfic?

Well sometimes what you have to do is what you have to do... it can't be any worse that some of the stuff I've read. I mean Sky High slash... ergh not to mention how hard it is to find... silly Mary Sues. Sorry to hear about you recent troubles. =[



Yeah, as Steve said, you're not yet on fire. :P If you need distraction, I've written two novels that are both free and good and I could recommend you more things that are the same. Don't throw your poor brain into the toxic waste dumps on the Internet yet!

I think you're just a step away from the precipice. That precipice being writing that rubbish yourself.

*muse* I'm sure I couldn't do it any worse than anybody else...