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(no subject)

Tell me, my friends...

Is the pit so deep, the night so dark, the despair so overwhelming...

...that reading Legolas/Elrond slash suddenly seems freakishly appealing?



I suspect it's something like those insanely addictive melty mint candies. They look like inedible pastel-colored plastic lumps... but then you eat one. And it's not very good. But you keep eating them anyways. Until the bag is gone. But the internet is like a bag of holding. *nods sagely*

Oh dear...that explains so much. The internet is a bag of holding...full of fanfic.

You win.

Would you like a hot cocoa with a shot and a half of ButterShots in it to go with that?

(Pointless to tell you to stop reading it! *chuckle!*)

Resist! Resist! You'll just feel worse in the long run!

At least you're not WRITING it. Be thankful.

Well, if you're going to go that route, you might as well go the whole hog and look for Elrond/Sauron. Bonus points if you find Elrond/Sauron mpreg.

Bad fanfiction: horrific, yet comforting.

I don't know what to do first: Wonder where the desire for Legolas/Elrond slash came from, wonder where she FOUND said slash, or just laugh my head off.

Do what you want (we know you will anyway!) And even though it's probably meaningless coming from someone you don't know, I am truly sorry to hear about your split. I wish I could help.

Enh. There's worse stuff out there. Read. Enjoy. Write, if it eventually goes that far. There are darker vices than slashfic, even if you limit your vices only to things you can do via the Internet.

Well, as a cure for despair it would certainly be... interesting. Now if it were Legolas/Aragorn, or possibly Legolas/Haldir I might be happier.

Somehow Elrond just doesn't quite do it for me for some reason.

I think it's because of this:

The Scene
Interior: A small room in Rivendell. Elrond is seated across a table from Frodo. Elrond is, unusually, wearing black robes with a white under-tunic and dark glasses. There are two other elves present. Elrond has a couple of scrolls on the table in front of him. Frodo looks concerned.

Mr... Baggins. It seems you've been living two lives. In one of these lives you are Mr. Frodo Baggins of Hobbiton...
[checks a scroll]
...where you are a pillar of the community. In the other you go by the folkloric alias "Ringbearer", and as holder of the Ruling Ring, violate almost everything we hold dear in the West.
[Sits back in chair]
One of these lives has a future, the other does not. My colleages in the White Council believe that I'm wasting my time asking a Hobbit to travel all the way to Mordor to destroy it, but I believe that you want to do the right thing, Mr. Baggins.

That little scene haunted me for weeks!

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Ursula, I want you to remember something.

You can't /unread/ things.

Once you read it, that's it, for life. It's in your brain forever.

Just, for the love of god, stay away from the mpreg. There is evil in that fandom that does not sleep -__-.

o god the nightmares

they still haunt me

At the time I saw this entry it had 69 comments.

Oh, Great Gods! Why slash?
Ursula, you scare me...T_T

Slash has gotten me through brain surgery, Rhode Island and moving to NYC without having somewhere to live when I get there. It may be sad, but as escape mechanisms go at least it's harmless and annoys homophobes.


Okay I know I was all "fanfiction can be a wonderful thing!" but.


Your avatar is oddly mesmerizing...