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(no subject)

Tell me, my friends...

Is the pit so deep, the night so dark, the despair so overwhelming...

...that reading Legolas/Elrond slash suddenly seems freakishly appealing?


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I read that as "Treebeard with Gimli"... X[

You're barking up the wrong tree there. ;)

AHH! Now every time I watch The Two Towers, I'm going to be thinking of that during Ent screentime.

My work here is done. n_n

I actually saw a story summary once that went like this:

"Merry, Pippin, and Treebeard: menage au tree!"

It was right above "Nazgul nine-way".

When a post starts off like this, I really should know better than to read the comments...

Must go off and scrub the brain.

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