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(no subject)

Tell me, my friends...

Is the pit so deep, the night so dark, the despair so overwhelming...

...that reading Legolas/Elrond slash suddenly seems freakishly appealing?


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Aw, for fuck's sake. Deleted/reposted because I am a winner and cannot make links.

I wildly, wildly second this recommendation. (Possibly third/fourth/fifth, by now, since I've had this comment box open a long time while I got distracted.) I've maintained that bookmark through 3 separate computers, and if I ever lose it, I might actually die.

On the other hand, if what you're looking for is lovely, if sometimes a bit tinged with tragedy, Tolkien fic, including sexy ones, I recommend this, the LotR section of prillalar's fic website. I found it ages ago, and have just now refound it specifically to make this recommendation, and, seriously, I cannot recommend it enough. I didn't see any Legolas/Elrond as I glanced through, but I did see a Legolas/Haldir/Celeborn if you're into all-elf slash.

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