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Signed Rodent Calendar

Oh, hey--should probably do this early in the year! It happens I've got 5 extra EMG Calendars of her "Rodents I have Known" publication, which features all rodent art by yours truly!

You can order them from EMG, of course, for the low-low price of $17, but if anyone's interested in a signed copy, plus a (very very minimalist) doodle of a mouse, for $20 plus shipping ($5 in the US) I've got five going begging. First-come, first serve, send an e-mail or post if interested!

A description of the calendar is here:

Update: Okay, that's all five! Thank you, guys! And now back to your regularly scheduled whatsits...

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Count me in. I was planning on buying one after she got back from vacation anyway.

(but that'd be shipping to Germany)

Not a problem, just runs a hair more...




I sent an e-mail, should I post too?


Oh MAN people are quick around here. Oh well... perhaps next year.

You could always buy one off of EMG and then get Ursula to sign it at a show or something.

I was too impatient and bought the calendar as soon as it popped up, given how quickly they sold out last year. I think Ellen learned her lesson for this calendar and ordered plenty.

I know. Serves us right for blinking. ^_^;

My calendar is already hanging contently next to my desk, and me likes it very mucho. =^_^=

Ooh! Can I have three whatsitses and a thinggummy?

I slept through something good again.

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