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(no subject)

By the way, there's a new EMG-zine up, and of course I've got a column in it, but I forgot to mention it earlier in the month, 'cos...well...stuff.

This month's column is on inspiration, and it's not nearly as froofy as you'd think...


Also, we ARE looking at a Blackbeard's Rugged Tampon t-shirt run. It'd be on black, and there'd be a two-week window to order, so poor Ellen isn't crushed again--watch this space for news later in the month.

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Blackbeard's t-shirt! Yeay!

*chews lip* Oh...dare I???

Argh! I'm going to Poland in two weeks, I'm gonna need all the money I have for that trip, and here you come bringing Eville Temptations! No fair, it is, no fair at all...

I saw THIS and the gears made me think of you.

So rabbit + goat = capybara? Cool. :-)

Or Rat?
The artist has done other rats...

Dude, that is some cool stuff!

Hoped you might like it!

Hi! just friended you. I prefer to tell people when I friend them, and say Hi. I was sent to your LJ by Dicea.

"Also, we ARE looking at a Blackbeard's Rugged Tampon t-shirt run."

Ooo, I want one, I want one!! Must have the Tampon Pirate Shirt!!

If I was a human female, I would so wear one of those Blackbeard's Rugged Tampons t-shirts!
But I am a felinoid male, so no dice.

Will there be another run of "put any Ursula art on a t-shirt" t-shirts?
I missed out on the original offer by being ultra-broke.
This situation is resolving itself, so I was wonderin'.
I'd love to get Azazael, the Demon Bunny Lord, on a shirt.

Last I heard from Ellen, the answer was, "AAHHAHHAA no." But you never know. XD;

I believe the tentative plan is "Maybe sometime toward the end of the year, when the memory of how horrible it was is somewhat faded," but that's undoubtedly subject to change without notice...

Maybe a good compromise would be to poll your readers and make it a "top ten" run or something? ('Cause, y'know, with any luck less insanity for the manufacuters means letting it happen more often...)

As the brutal memory fades, I will undoubtedly do it again, but with far, far fewer options. One of the worst parts of the original offer was getting a box with a hundred shirts in 17 unlabelled shades of blue, and having to squint at the web image trying to decide which ones were Carolina blue, or Dusk Blue, or Night blue or Street Blue or Bob Blue, comparing the invoice with the quantity and sizes. Next time there will be one, maybe two, choices of blue. There will be fewer design options as well... just a select few from this last year and the files I already have on hand. And the cart will be more automated, so folks can't order a color not available in a certain size or style. It took a while to chase some of those down! Probably quotes will only be available with some of them, or cost extra, since they were way time consuming.

I also took the time last time to combine all the orders with previously made calendar orders to save folks shipping, which was laborious and drove me nuts matching names and addresses. Next time, I'm doing t-shirts and calendars all at the same time to save us all hassle.

Lots of probablies, and very subject to change. It was definitely a learning experience, and while I won't say it wasn't some fun. If you want an email update when/if it happens, I've posted a signup form here:


I was surprised by the gigantic palette of shirt colors when the original run was announced.
Since I wear 4XL, the palette shrank considerably once I had selected my size. :)
I couldn't help but think how much work fulfilling these orders would be.
However, it sounds like it was a learning experience, and you now know how to do it "right".

Thank you very much for your feedback.
I have gone ahead and signed up to get e-mail updates.
Like I said earlier, I'm mostly interested in Azazael on a dark 4XL shirt.
And probably a couple more shirts with more recent Ursula art.
I'll keep an eye on my e-mail box.

Ursula I wish I could type something as wonderfully comforting as I typed when you admitted to fan-fiction...

Instead, I have drawn you some crappy fan-art in hopes of making you feel better. I wanted you to know that I have lost count of the times that I have come to your journal feeling wretched and horrible. Where, in absolute misery, I have clicked your name and despondently browsed your journalings knowing deep down inside that Ursula is going to be there, and she was going to be silly and brilliant, always. And, without fail, you'd make me laugh, you'd make me smile, you'd brighten up my day-- like magic. It was a comfort just knowing you existed. I know I'm not the only one of your fans you've done that for, I think most of us have admitted to it on at least one occasion. Ursy, I wish with all my heart I could do the same back for you, darling... I've drawn a picture of one of your pink lizards in conquistador regalia in hopes that I can do for you what you've done for us, your fans, so many times in the past.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sorry for highjacking...

Aww, thank you! Get 'im, lizard!

Your discussion of inspiration precisely explains why so many webcomics end with a whimper after a month or a year.

*cough* Well, I prefer to say that my reason is irresponsibility, but . . . you're probably onto something, there. >_>;

I know whereof I speak. My conventional webcomic may update regularly but my Flash movies site has updated once since it went live last August...

That was such an amazing article... completely hit upon the writing things that make me roll around and clutch my head in agony. I wish I could print out an economy-sized copy and hang it up as my windowshade or something. D:

Hey, Urs, look at this:

That's a great article, and it makes me feel a lot better, because I'm one of those writers who goes "Oh man, that is such a cool idea, I better write it down right away," does so, and then looks at the result and wanders off to go play video games, never to touch it again. Now I understand that inspiration isn't a necessary part of the process, maybe I will actually get something finished once in awhile.

Thank you, =thank= you, for that article. Because all too often I'm sitting there staring at a page that should be full of text and instead has maybe three stupid lines on it, or three stupid -words-, and muttering to myself. And thinking gloomily that Everyone Else seems to have no trouble just pouring forth great gouts of creativity and inspiration, all the time, 24-7. I slog, because I learned after four years of doing nothing but "waiting to be inspired", that it just doesn't work. And sometimes the slogging suddenly stumbles on a manic downhill slide on an inspiration burst, as you say, and it's suddenly all worthwhile.

wow, as a poet with definite slacker instincts, i have to say that you have hit the nail on the head. thanks for the kick in the pants.

Ooh, yay for the t-shirt idea! And I really enjoyed the article on inspiration -- rings very true to me. I didn't exactly finish Nano, either, in spite of being all ablaze with inspiration during October. By the second week in November, I was just out. Urgh.

The Column.It's..serious. O_O

I'm Italian and often broke...but I'd love to wear a Blackbeard's Rugged Tampon t-shirt!
How much will I have to save?forty-something euro or more?

And..ahem..I friended you. For no other reason than seeing at once if you had updated your LJ.
If it's OK with you.

Completely off topic. Although WOOT for the shirt...

Were you crushed as I was by disappointment in the chewnicorn house? It looks like a carebear threw up on Lisa Frank...I mean, full points for taking the 8 year old unicorn thing to the next level, but good LORD.

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