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(no subject)

A very quick little silliness of a gnome and his irritated friend.


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Grumpy hamster!

That is so cute.

Very cute.
I'm working on a gnome/kitten centaur type beastie at the moment.
Seems like it's gnomeseason.

Y'know, I've been meaning to ask -- how do you get your colored lines? Do you have colored inking pens, or markers, or do you just glare at your colored pencils until they behave?

I tried to check the scribbly/ink tutorial you had up, but DA refuses to let me see the full-view, and I left my magnifying glass in my other sweater.

Both, actually. I use colored pencil a lot, but some of the very darkest lines, particularly in outline, are done with PITT acrylic ink pens, which I recommend highly, as they're actually lightfast, unlike a lot of markers.

Ah, googlesearch, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....


Looks like they're in the neighborhood of a buck-and-a-half per pen, which ain't bad.

For the purposes of inking lineart alone, which tip do you recommend? I myself tend to have a nice mixture of thin detail lines and thick clunky outside lines, but since other interested viewers might be reading, don't worry about catering to my lineart style. =]

I'm using brush form for pretty much everything--got a black medium tip to sign with, but that's it.

What I want to know is why a gnome-monk of the Order Equine needs steel-capped boots.

Tnky sulky animals FTW! :D

Protects the world from his diamond-edged toenails?

Ever been stepped on by a horse hoof on the toes?

Oh yeah... "All hail the grumpy hampster!"

Must not have had a date for the Hampster prom dance. =(

I'd be worried if my hamsters were not grumpy.

Gnome-body knows, the trouble I seen...

I haven't been feeling all that confident for the past couple of days, or really good, but this gave me the very first laugh and smile I have had for much of this week. Thank you for linking! *hugs*

First glance: I thought it read "irradiated friend." I was expecting the Hulk. I can't say I was disappointed, though.

He's probably irritated that whenever the gnome walks over loose ground riding on the tail of his robe becomes very bumpy.

Also, I like the detail on the staff.

Whatever the hammie is grumpy about, the gnome seems to find it rather amusing...

He so totally wants a mysterious robe and a cool stick of his own.

Soo... which is the gnome and which is the hamster? possible perspective shifts abound. Of course, they'd have to charge overtime....

Oddly enough, I find myself focusing in on the horsehead staff. The face looks very alive to me, and watchful. Almost like a secret second companion.

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