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The symbolism here's pretty close to the surface. And there's bad poetry, too! (OH GOD, THE ANGST! Lock up your daughters!)

Also, nudity.

or if you can't get there 'cos of mature content

Try Metal and Magic

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I think some people are REALLY good at poetry and for some people, like me, it's more of a 'in case of emergency, break glass' sort of deal.

I guess this is my way of saying that everyone is allowed some poetry in their lives. :-)

Hey, it's much better poetry than the crap I wrote in highschool. or after my divorce....

That's really gorgeous. How do you get such -expression- on a rigid beak?

. . . I relate. That's lovely. Poem, too.

And I love her body. Looks like mine.

Dude, thats kickass! Seriously cool.

Someone needs a hug. I shall attempt to send one psychically via Ben. ;) Seriously, the poetry isn't stinking -- and the bird head's pretty.

Love the drawing. I think it expresses everything without the poetry, even. Not that I minded that. Great expression going on.

As mentioned before, your works should always be displayed with acompanied text. Not because they don't stand alone, but because the text adds a wonderful touch to an image (especially for those of us who go "symbolism? What's that?")

That's beautiful. And having been inflicted with other people's poetry (and I use the word inflicted deliberately!) far more often than I want to think about, I can safely say that you're in the top 10% of amateur poets I've read. Yes, the bulk of them are -really- scary!

I love the sexy, actually looks like a real woman, nudity.

Every time I see a bird-headed person I think of Perdido... I blame you :P.

It may be bad poetry, but at least it's ornithologically educational.

I had to look up feather words. *grin*

I learned 'em all back when my budgie first molted. It also made me think that a good follow-up could be entitled "God DAMMIT These Pinfeathers Itch."

Actually, angsty poetry pretty much covers what birds, at least mine, seem to be in the mood for at this point. Unless she gets into her DESTROY ALL HUMANS! molt. Apparently molting is the avian equivalent of unpredictable PMS.

Love the picture. That is the BEST symbolic representation of a molt I've ever seen. My Northern Cardinals here in Tennessee molt by losing ALL the feathers on their heads FIRST. Makes them look like some kinds Frankenstein's monster birdie thing.

I was touched by the meaningfulness, and then I thought about your next post, and now I'm thinking "Honey, did you take them feathers off a daid bird?"

Which has now led to all kinds of strange and disturbing thoughts about some bird not wanting to go through the pain of molting, and so instead stealing the feathers off some poor unfortunate that didn't make it.


I absolutely require a print of that. I shall have to do unseemly things for someone or something in order to procure one.

There's a deviation in my gallery (Hi, I be Entwinedscylla) with a simmilar theme called "a rusty old key". It describes how we give away the (spare) key to our heart... and we expect that someone might come in, liven up the place, water the fern while we're out... but sometimes they rob you blind and leave the door hanging open. Eventually you just have to agree that the price of letting someone in is risking injury to that little apartment in your heart.

*grin* The only unseemly thing you gotta do is send me an e-mail...

Wow damn, that is beautiful.

I think the picture is beautiful. And the poem certainly gets your feelings across, and while it's not on the Sylvia Plath level of beauty-from-angst, it's hardly on the emo-teenage level either. (Which reminds me, I -really- need a new LJ layout, because mine is not only illegible but features the poetry of a 15-year-old boy. Ahh, memories).

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