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(no subject)

Well, I had a lovely Valentine's Day.
Ben didn't approve of the hour at which I came home, and registered his disapproval by unrolling most of the toilet paper, but that was the only casualty. (I felt like a bit of a cad, though--I fed him and expected him to faceplant into the food, but instead he followed me around, crying, until I sat down and cuddled him. After suitable and ferocious snuggling, then he faceplanted in the food.)

I put up a suet feeder t'other day, and evidentally the birds finally found it--so far today we've had a Carolina wren, a yellow-rumped warbler, and a Carolina chickadee checkin' it out. The wren was scruffy, but not obviously defective, but doubtless that'll come in time.

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If you don't have a defective bird at your feeder, are you going to take that as an omen of some sort?

Seeing your love of gardens..and your tastes for the unique :) i thought i'd pass this onto you. I get this catalog myself, might be some additions you'd like.




I'm sure Ben was afraid that he'd been brought to this strange new place and was abandoned again. At least he only ruined the toilet paper not wasting water like this cat did at http://www.glumbert.com/media/cattoilet *g*

Obviously the news of the new feeder hasn't reached the defective bird community yet.


At least the owners caught him in the act-- otherwise I imagine they'd be wondering why on earth their water bill's so high every month.

(Deleted comment)
Me too! It was especially funny how much the cat was into it-- he seemed so entranced by the swirling water.

It's from a Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey. Someone took the short clip and stuck it up on YTMND here, starting a huge YTMND fad.

I can see them arguing over the water bill and calling in a plumber because who would think it's the cat? I hope they remember to keep the bathroom door closed or maybe they could teach the cat to go on the toilet (I've heard you can) and flush afterward (once) and ta da the perfect pet *g*


I am lacking suitable feline-age, being int he dorms, so that sounds horrendously cute :3

D'awww. };) True kitty-love is shown by claws and snuggles!

I had a male Ruby-Crowned Kinglet at my suet feeder today and got the best photo I've EVER taken of a bird of it. Tomorrow starts the Great Backyard Bird Count and I hope he will be back so I can include him. You can see the picture I took of him at the birdersworld.com forum under the photography section, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet thread under Thornius. (Ursula, I have used your Birder Mouse drawing as my avatar on that site.)

But it would have been a lot easier to find if you had just provided the link!.

If you put the toilet paper roll on backwards, batting at it won't result in unrolling.

Yep, I was gonna suggest the very same thing.

Maybe he feared you had been abducted by the bathroom ninjas and was trying to get revenge...?

Cat love is amazing... one moment the ferocious lord(or lady) of the jungle poses with haughtiness unheard of in the egyptian pantheon. The next moment, something stands on your shoulder and snuggles ferociously against the side of your face.
Whoever said cats aren't affectionate was, obviously, NOT LOVED BY CAT(S).

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