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(no subject)

Whose a widdle troll, den? Iz you a little trollikins? Iz you? Yes, you iz! Awwww!


I got a troll over on the Digger forums accusing me of being a sell-out. I am amused. Somebody obviously needs attention.

Also, is it just me, or has the definition of "selling out" gotten really devalued? Believe me, if I ever sell out, I'm goin' big.*

Assuming I ever get the opportunity...

omg, Ursula, you sold out way too soon sweetie, you need to wait for the beeg bucks.

you need to wait for the beeg bucks.

or at least the big doe-s *rimshot*

Dude. I wish I could sell out..

Just goes to show that you can't please everyone. o_O

you art whore you!

my mind is just boggled. were you expected to stand on the street corner holding up a cardboard sign asking for handouts for a quick character sketch? you gotta eat. hell, the cat's gotta eat. have you seen the size of that thing? he's gotta eat!

heh... ::::hums new tool cover tune: hooker with a stylus:::::

"Testicles, kicker of asse" (who joined 13 Feb 2007)

Heehee .. his name is the best part.

That's what I was thinking.

There is only one word for that: Bwa?

Hahaha Ursala. Shame shame :)


I first thought, when I saw something about "little troll" that you'd drawn a picture of a young troll. Which I would, no doubt, love. But this little troll is a stitch! Joins with a ludicrous name, makes one post just to flame. What a silly little troll!

How do trolls in Ursula's world reproduce, anyway?

How do trolls in Ursula's world reproduce, anyway?

Well that was a great mental image. Thanks a lot.

This guy so wishes he were you. Whether he knows it or not.

You need to get with Becky, and coach her on the baby talk. :)

...and if you believe that, I've got some swampland in Arizona I'll sell you!

Sheesh. Because, as we all know, artists are *supposed* to work for free and starve to death...

What a putz this guy is.

Sorry to disturb, but major icon love.

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Oh, I knew you were a sell-out the second I saw your Digger characters in that 1-800-dial-AT&T commercial ;)

Don't you know you're only allowed to make money on your art post-deadness?

Geesh. Sellout. Not starving for your art.

Hmm. well, we're all in agreement that testicles is a big dummy (i'm practicing my not-swearing, whatcha think?).

But I thought i'd take the opportunity to chip in with a comment about how totally inexpensive $3 is to read the archives, and also recommend that you make a much bigger, more obvious "please buy this as a book" link, because I had to point out to a friend that he actually could do that....he was contemplating printing some of the archives just so he'd have a paper copy to get other people hooked with. ;)