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(no subject)

Whose a widdle troll, den? Iz you a little trollikins? Iz you? Yes, you iz! Awwww!


I got a troll over on the Digger forums accusing me of being a sell-out. I am amused. Somebody obviously needs attention.

Also, is it just me, or has the definition of "selling out" gotten really devalued? Believe me, if I ever sell out, I'm goin' big.*

Assuming I ever get the opportunity...

So, enjoying all the silk cushions and caviar that those three-bucks-a-month subscriptions get you?*

I could be wrong, but I sense in this troll the attention-starved, unfortunate tone of one who's never had to pay their own rent.

*Obviously I'm being ridiculous and sarcastic. We all know that BEN takes all the silk cushions and caviar. He had to get that big somehow!

Just another putz who forgets to sign in while commenting...*whistles*

Yeah, ever since the afternoon TV show, you've pretty much been a sell-out in my eyes. I mean, okay, it's one thing to let them fuck with the character concept for TV; they do that because all the executives have to get their thumb in, and none of them can ever really approve of anything different from what they're used to... but did you have to fold those changes back into the comic, and suddenly have Digger be the weird kid in an utterly normal, human elementary school? And nobody can see the shadowchild but her? Sheeit, girl. You sold out that day.

At least you have a slice of the licensing, so every kid dripping snot on a Disney's Digger bib is responsible for a penny or two of the money you get to bathe in...

We all saw this coming. It was the poorly implemented 'Wombat World' theme parks that were really the sign that Ursula had sold out. The rides were sub par, and they charged you $20 for a Wombat Happy Meal at the concession stands. Not to mention the amount of people who keep going missing on the Gearworld ride.

it's great news that you sold out, but think of all those poor readers who were waiting in line overnight for a subscription, and didn't get one. you should make a second edition of subscriptions soon to keep up with demand!

oh, wait...

hahahaaha, that's the best comment yet. =D

hey, if you ever sell out, and I see racks and racks of Digger merchandise somewhere, I'm a) buying a bunch for myself and b) taking ppictures and sending them to you with a big, huge, "congratulations!" card.

As far as I can tell, it now means "making money". There was a Digg thread on Penny Arcade doing ads for the ESRB where someone called them sellouts. You know, for going into a joint initiative with a company they've supported for years. And it's not like they put ads on their website, or anything from organizations larger than the ESRB.

Also, why would charging someone to read something you create be selling out? What makes webcomics so different from any other product or commodity? And selling out to who? What is this guy smoking? Didn't you only have the archives open for the WCAA voters anyway?

People can be such wankers. Trolls are annoying. I feel sorry for them because they lead such pathetic lives they feel the need to spread hate and discontent by being mean, but I'm also very annoyed by them at the same time. It's a mixture of disgust and pity for me. It's good you didn't let him get to you. Of course you're selling your art, compliments alone don't pay the bills.

Yes, because it's so wrong for someone to make money of her labors.

I'm just going to comfortably sit over here and blink nervously. Some people really have no lives!

so if you are a sell out then how much in royalties do i owe for when i was using gear world pieces for inspiration for haiku?

Moby became a famous musician because he routinely licensed his music to car commercials so people could actually hear them, because no one listens to the radio. And the Gorillaz don't actually exist, but are cartoon characters with a changing base of musicians behind them, making them the M.C.SkatCat of the 21st century; their biggest hit appeared in a Pepsi commercial.

J.K. Rowling has yet to write the last book in her series, but more than half of the movies have already been made.

Kingdom Hearts is a popular video game that puts Disney characters in the same universe as Squaresoft characters without even a narrative explanation. It's already in its third game.

DC aficiandos argue that "Infinite Crisis" is necessary to deal with all the damage caused since "Crisis on Infinite Earths".

Apple Inc. has dropped "computers" from their company name. Their corporate focus is how you can buy hundreds of thousands of hours of music and video and store it on tiny devices. Microsoft is selling the same thing, only you have to tell them where you are when you watch them and what you're watching -- and Microsoft reserves the right to mine this data, for their own commercial purposes.

I don't think most people know what "selling out" means.

Screw continuity fixes, I just want stories as good as 'Villians United'.

Gasp, comics I enjoy! NOOOOO!!

Aren't trolls ADORABLE? We had a big one over in too_much_info, too. Things went all nutty. It was fun!

(Deleted comment)
Gah, I hate how that term is overused.

"Selling out" is something you do when you have a unique vision, style, and set of values, something that is distinctly yours and yours alone; which you turn you back on and discard them, embracing prefabricated, formulaic, and standardized style and values in order to make money. It's not about the money, per se, it's about what's most important. You can make a lot of money without selling out, and you can sell out without making a dime.

It doesn't happen when you work to make make money from your art; it's when you work only to make money, and don't care about the art anymore.

You know, like Metallica.

Of course, some folks can't "sell out", because they sold out before they ever got started.

Yes, for it is a Deadly Sin to make some money off your work. *faceplant*

I have this image of a really small, disgruntled troll with cheeks pink from pinching now. It's wearing a moss-green loincloth made out of something which had long hair. :/

you know your on your way when you start attracting the trollikins!

I totally expected that link to lead to a Widdle Troll drawing. So disappointed! :)