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(no subject)

Whose a widdle troll, den? Iz you a little trollikins? Iz you? Yes, you iz! Awwww!


I got a troll over on the Digger forums accusing me of being a sell-out. I am amused. Somebody obviously needs attention.

Also, is it just me, or has the definition of "selling out" gotten really devalued? Believe me, if I ever sell out, I'm goin' big.*

Assuming I ever get the opportunity...

It's not just you. Am I a "sell out" because I know that people are willing to pay for me to paint images of their pets onto glasses/plates/mugs etc? Or because I will churn out 100+ shot glasses with a bride & groom's names on for them to give to their guests? Or paint a poem written by a proud first-time grandmother onto a plate for the new baby? Not the work I'd prefer to be doing, but it pays for the paints and canvases for the work I love doing. *shrug*

I'd be angry too, if my name was 'testicle'.

Yes, because everyone knows that we artists should be starving in our garrets. How dare we expect to be paid for our work like normal people? How incredibly horrible of us. Art is its own reward, we don't have to pay rent and bills like normal people, instead we all live on the pure ambrosia fumes of paint and plaster and float around on wings of blissful aesthetic wonder.

Back to the garret with you, Ursula, go on get back up those stairs. If you're really good we might throw you a dry crust in a week or two.

And you're charging for your prints and original artworks too - what utterly shocking money-grubbing tactics!

OK, sarcasm off. You know what I find utterly amazing - that so many talented artists are putting their comics out on the web for free. I don't mind paying the tiny amount that I shell out for Digger every month (it's totally worth it, even though I don't read any of the other comics) and frankly, it surprises me that more comic artists don't follow the subscription model.

This is a pretty much unrelated bit, but I was just wondering something. Heinrich is a bear, right? Well, how does he cook? After all, he has no opposable thumbs.

That just hit me a bit ago...And I apologize if I have either missed something completely, or am pushing unwanted logic on Gearworld, but I was just wondering.

Also, bad Ursula, Bad! I can't believe you sold- *cough, hack, gag*...I can't even finish that sentence...and I have to say, if there ever is an overabundance of Ursula related merchandise, I want some!

Silly, silly troll!

THATS how you talk to Ben when you are all alone isnt it?!?!?! *points finger at Ursula* I KNEW IT!!! You ARE a softie after all!!!!

Selling out by charging for art? What's wrong with people that they think artists should do everything for free? We have to make a living too! Is a chef selling out by charging for his food? Is a cop selling out by demanding to be paid for keeping the peace?

I wanna sell out! Me!

So here's a random question, but I've never drawn a webcomic before and suddenly I find myself doing so. When you make speech-bubbles, do you do them by hand, or do you have a brush or something that makes 'em for you?

Psst. Can I use that icon (I checked your user info and see you made yourself) with credit? It made me giggle.

Oh, yes, please do. :)

Where's the "I'm a cheap bastard" option of the poll?


This is a bit weird, cause a week or so ago I stumbled across Digger and happily read through the archives. I've been following the comic since then and yesterday tried to go back into the archives (to check if I hadn't missed an update or something) only to get the 'sorry, need to subscribe yadda yadda' message.

I'm not moaning about it (I'll just follow every update, heh), I just find it a tad weird that I was able to get through the entire archives without a problem but a few days after couldn't go back into them. Glitch or something?

Actually, last I checked, it wasn't the whole archives, just up to a certain point. Somewhere around 285. And we're currently up to 370. I think the question is do you know how Digger defeated the Cold Servants. That's back sufficiently far, but still in the black out area. If you read that page, then something went wonky. If you didn't, then it wasn't the whole archives.

Made me mad when I went on vacation before the awards and it wasn't available when I got back. :/ Especially with Sofawolf being sidetracked and all....

Somehow, I don't think he quite got what he was looking for. Imagining his face is still making me giggle, and I say a *huge* hats off to the lady that dares try to live on her art. You rock our socks*, Ursula.

*They might even be rainbow toesocks - major rockage.