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(no subject)

Whose a widdle troll, den? Iz you a little trollikins? Iz you? Yes, you iz! Awwww!


I got a troll over on the Digger forums accusing me of being a sell-out. I am amused. Somebody obviously needs attention.

Also, is it just me, or has the definition of "selling out" gotten really devalued? Believe me, if I ever sell out, I'm goin' big.*

Assuming I ever get the opportunity...

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Hmm. well, we're all in agreement that testicles is a big dummy (i'm practicing my not-swearing, whatcha think?).

But I thought i'd take the opportunity to chip in with a comment about how totally inexpensive $3 is to read the archives, and also recommend that you make a much bigger, more obvious "please buy this as a book" link, because I had to point out to a friend that he actually could do that....he was contemplating printing some of the archives just so he'd have a paper copy to get other people hooked with. ;)

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