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(no subject)

This is completely and totally Eve's fault.

Well, and maybe Megatokyo.


I wish this came on cards. Sad Wombat in Snow sympathy cards!

Ohhh... You just have to pick up the little Wombat and give it a great big hug. Except for that monitor-thing in the way that won't let you.

Is it just me who can't see it? I get a very thin slice of the top of the deviantART logo where the wombat oughta be...

That is truly brilliant. Wombats and Megatokyo are a natural combination. :)

I think I need this as a tattoo.

*gives hugs and hot cocoa to the wombat*


*gives hugs and hot cocoa to Ursula too*

*adds hot tea, chicken soup, and small fluffy animals*

That is the saddest wombat I've ever seen. I really want to cuddle it and tell it everything's going to be okay.

All sorts of well-wishes going your way, Ursula.

What everyone else said - especially the idea of having it made into a stuffie. :)

And, yes. It pretty exactly captures the mood (I'm about a year ahead of you on the same curve though, at least in my case, it was totally not my idea and a complete surprise by the time it was already a fait acompli. I'm working my way through it but still slogging through the emotional mudpits.)

Mind if I gank it for use as an lj icon? Pretty please with orange marmalade on it?

I can only hope your sad times make their way to a happy resolution. Virtual hugs and hot tea.

Thanks. I will. :> (And, obviously, have.)

I'd like to use that too.

I want to give it cookies. And milk. And a big huge hug.


Clearly not Digger.
'Cause you know Digger would never be caught moping in the snow. She's probably grumble about how wombats were never meant to be in snow and then set about digging a cozy little snow cave. And by the time rescue arrived she'd be adding a root cellar and a spare bedroom, 'cause hey, you never know.

Until I read the caption, I thought it was a sad polar bear and this was some kind of statement about global warming. Given this is your work, though, I really should have guessed it was a wombat.