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I'm just waiting to see how people are going to find a way to get bent out of shape about this one...


I just wanted to say that I love this sort of mini-series thing you've got going here. It's touching on some of my favorite aspects of the Middle school discovery years.

And it makes me sad that people could get bent out of shape about something as benign as this...*le sigh*

I know exactly what you mean about flipping pages looking for typos -- "Hang on... I thought this was a guy, is he a girl and I missed it?"

On my part, at any rate, I was well aware of homosexuality before the white horses got there. On the other hand, I'm male, and "fag!" was a sixth-grade insult, so that made obliviousness pretty much impossible.

I dunno…I think sixth-grade boys are perfectly capable of calling each other "fag" without really knowing what the word means.

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People who want to be offended will be offended by anything. It's an amusing piece, I love your sense of humor.


That's fantastic!!!

Permission to steal and use that icon? It's great.

Bwahahahaha. That is precisely how it happened for me, yup. I remember very carefully not describing that particular of the story when I gushed about the books to my mother. o.O

I was luckier than you, I learned from Joanna Russ!

(P.S. This is an adorable series.)

I read your response, and had to google "Joanna Russ". Now I've got some (more) reading to do!

By the time I got to Mercades Lackey I knew gay people existed, but I had never read anything with gay people falling in love in them. That was exciting! Or at least a refreshing change of pace.

I'm too old to have learned about homosexuality that way. And now I'm sitting here trying to figure out when and how I did learn about it.

And now I'm sitting here trying to figure out when and how I did learn about it.

me too. argh, i won't get to sleep this night, until i remember.

Me, I live and lived in a pastor's house.

So I learned about it early on.

I read those after discovering about the possibility of gay, I sort of wish it'd been the other way 'round since my introduction to it was gay porn in some history books about underground cultures (it even had pictures, but not in pretty pinkish shades like yours).

Oh yeah, I'm sorry you had to put the little disclaimer at the bottom too. Especially since some of believe that we do have a choice.

It seems like to me that, regardless of whether or not orientation is a choice, whether or not to have a same-sex relationship is pretty indisputably a choice. Same as whether or not to have any other sort of relationship is a choice.

(And, from what I've heard from friends, sometimes the realization that having the same-sex relationship is an option can be a startling revelation to someone who doesn't feel they have a choice about being attracted that way.)

But I suspect Ursula doesn't really want a long debate about this, so instead I'll point out that I quite like the artwork. :)

Aha! I resemble that reaction. Well, I think I knew vaguely about the concept of homosexualality beforehand but Lackey was a distinctly eye-widening read. The revelation really didn't phase me a whole lot either once that initial ah! passed.

And you know I would love it if out of nowhere everyone on the internet took a mature and reasonable approach to this. (Just for you! :D)

Well, since you're waiting for it, and nobody else has delivered, and I've recovered from my laughing bout...

What are you thinking?!?! that is TOTALLY inappropriate material and highly offensive! you're going to HELL, ms. ursula! HELL I SAY!!!

How was that? I'm not much in practice at being offended.