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(no subject)

I'm just waiting to see how people are going to find a way to get bent out of shape about this one...


I love you so much.

If anyone gets bent about this, we'll find a way to straighten them out.


"Straighten them out"? Either unnecessary or exactly what they want.

My parent's circle of friends had several gays in it, I was regularly getting called a lesbian in school, and I'd read *both* Marion Zimmer Bradley books (Free Amazons of Darkover and... hell, what was the gay-male one?) So Lackey wasn't that much of a revelation to me. But this still made me laugh. Let's hear it for liberal propaganda indoctrinating the minds of our impressionable youth!

(Seriously -- not a half-bad way to find out about homosexuality, is fantasy.)

I think it was "The Catch Trap" by MZB


this is hilarious, especially the little title on the book there, because this is exactly how I learned about boy on boy action, in the sixth grade, with that trilogy, while i was home with the chicken pox.

Lord only knows what i'd be into now instead if that hadn't happened...

Chicken pox? It was flu (complete with delirium) for me. Helluva week, and yes, I honestly can't imagine the entire rest of my life without it.

Hey, I learnt that BDSM can be oddly hot from Anne Rice,, so who'm I to judge?

(me and a zillion other people who ran across her porno version of 'Sleeping beauty' at the right time in their life.)

Tangential thought from the whole telepathic white horses bit - as a kid, I always had this sense of failure at being a -girl- because I just didn't like horses. I even made a valient attempt, read the horse books, saw some of the horse movies, attempted to draw horses, yadda yadda. Not at all interested. Yeah, they can be pretty and all, but I never understood the fuss. And it seemed so much a given that girls love horses. I felt like I'd done something wrong because I couldn't see the appeal.

Anyone else?

I wasn't into horses, either. Boring. Unicorns and pegasi were cool, but they came with cool fantasy settings.

I've heard a bunch of Freudian stuff about why girls like horses, but I've never bought into any of it.

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Well...despite the fact I'm not fond of her writing, there're worse ways of finding out than pretty white horsies, etc.

I found out because someone casted Liv Tyler as Arwen and then stuck pointy ears on her, thereby creating my feminine ideal (ah, young love...with pointy ears...)

I suspect Legolas had a similar role for many ;)


Big, catholic family.

Several uncles who never married, and used to show up to holidays with their "nice roommate Jim" or "good friend Bob."

Even if Grandma was in denial, the kids figured it out pretty quick.

That sounds like my mom's side of the family.
I remember one Christmas being held at one uncle's house, and my male cousin's "roommate" french braiding my hair while we were talking to my female cousin and her "roommate."



Even though I now find Vanyel to be a whiny prat, yes.

I found that about a lot of her characters after a while, but Vanyel in particular.

I grew up in Los Angeles. Man, you learn REAL early out here...

I'm from the Netherlands, so ditto that :)

The rightness of this makes my heart swell!


I had the misfortune of learning about sex from Clan of the Cave Bear. I don't recommend it.

I managed to read those books until they fell apart and still not pick up much about sex. Some kids just don't *notice*.

*grin* Definitely gonna have to show this one to my girlfriend who's a pretty big Mercedes Lackey fan.

I love your icon! Is it free to use?

I'm... pretty sure I discovered what gay was by growing up in a house that watched the news religiously at least two times a day (sometimes four or five... or more), and absorbed it from the frequent discussion of AIDs.

Which is rather sad, when you think about it.

I want somebody who has a large readership to make a poll that says "Did you learn about homosexuality from: A) Mercedes Lackey books or B) anywhere else" and see what it looks like.

Now I need to suggest that for the Everybody Votes channel on the Wii.