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(no subject)

I'm just waiting to see how people are going to find a way to get bent out of shape about this one...


Reminds me of that one book I never finished where the main characters kept getting molested...

But wait, that was Marion Zimmer Bradley. Eh.

*hysterical laughter*

Oh man oh man... I learned of homosexuality in much the same way, only to start drawing parallels between the characters and myself...

And now I am a girl with a girlfriend. Whoot!

Hee. "Magic's Whatsit" == brilliant.

hi im a lurker.

Anne McCaffrey enlightened me! Oh the dangers of bonding with dragons of the opposite sex. You may find yourself humping someone of the same gender. Talk about your social faux-pas!

P.S. this enlightenment was after I was called a 'homosexual' in junior high school and staring blankly at the accuser. "A...what?"
Me: *leans over to female friend and whispers* "What does that mean?"

Unfortunately, my introduction was the death of Matthew Shepard when I was eleven or twelve. I lived just a few hours away from the city where he was killed, so it was especially huge. Wish it'd been the telepathic horses -- though I do remember reading those and having a 'whoah' moment just because it was the first time I'd seen it in writing.

Heh. Myself, I learned of the existence of Gay from....yaoi fanfiction of a favorite sentai anime of mine. I was grossed and weirded out at first, but sufficient humorous presentations (I seem to recall a transcription of a chat log that inexplicably featured hopping bonsai trees) made it okay.

Mercedes Lackey was a big help too, though.

I can't ever remember not knowing about homosexuality. For me, it was right in the same conversation as the birds and the bees: my parents always made it very clear that they were fine with it if my birds/bees experience was with another bird. (Ha! Ba doom tish.)

One of my earliest memories is me at about four years old when my mother pulled me aside in the living room and said, "Honey, I just want you to know that it's okay with me if you're a lesbian." Barely out of toddlerhood as I was, I'd blinked at her, wondering what on earth the big deal was, and asked if I could go outside to play.

Laughs. That is great.
If a little weird...

OMFG....I love you...

Oh gods...thats...thats ME!!

I just began rereading the Last Herald Mage for the...I dunno...Umpteenth-million time....

I *need* a print of that.

I think it says alot about me that I learned about the "birds and the bees" from V.C.Andrew's Flowers in the Attic and the books that follow.

I was good, I did keep my promise to my babysitter and didn't read it until I turned 15.

Anyway...was tangental but somewhat related.

I have all three Mercedes Lackey books in the "Magic's Whatsit" series...and have yet to read them. Go figure.

I remember being told 'Flowers' was not for me so I read it as soon as possible. Then the skies literally darkened and the door sucked close on it's own (wind). I was spooooked.

For all her saccharine writing and cookie-cutter books, I do have to say this for Mercedes Lackey -- she got me through high school sane. Homophobic parents and deep deep closets and all that jazz, it was kind of nice to be able to slip into a fantasy world where it was OKAY.

And then I got to college, came out, then went back to read those books and went OH DEAR GOD, THESE SUCK. I finally had the freedom to realize how BAD her writing is.

Most of my friends are openly gay or Bi. I am not but actually prefer the company of gay folk of my Gender (I'm male) Less competition when it comes to romantic moods. And it's sorta fun to ogle the girls with another girl pal in the case of Lesbians. They can give you some whole new slants on female desires.

I don't recall one moment where I went 'OOOOH' but I do recall that I liked seeing a girl naked, so two girls naked at once were twice as nice.

I was a bit of a moron about gay guys, but only because I didn't grok how they didn't find the nice, curvy girls attractive.

My mom told me.

Also, she named ALL parts of anatomy for me when I was wee and curious (if you go by this whole fiasco with the Newbury book, this is not a usual occurrence), AND she explained to me the basic mechanisms of sex before anybody else got a chance.

Gods, I was lucky in so many ways.

That's EXACTLY RIGHT! I don't think I knew what the word "gay" meant until I started reading her books!

This is hysterical, because a friend of mine and I were chatting in the coffee house a few weeks ago ( ah, the coffee house, where ALL the deep, meaningful philosophical conversations happen...;p ) and he brought up his opinion that "Honey, she couldn't write a straight character to save her life."

So huzzah for teleathic white horses, I guess? I may need to get a print of this for him...many smiles will ensue.