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(no subject)

I'm just waiting to see how people are going to find a way to get bent out of shape about this one...



Of course, it didn't help that I read the last book first...

Telepathic horses got me, it's true. I feel like it's actually a pretty good way to find out...you're reading, you're reading, you stop and flip the pages a bit...and then you just think, "Well ok then." and you keep reading.

I know you already have like 90 comments, but I have to say this. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT! That's just how I found out too! Vanyel was such a wonderful character.

Also, loved the art bit of it. I am really enjoying this series of self-portraits!

Would it completely freak you out if I offered to show this to Larry Dixon and tell you his opinion?

I don't think he'd be offended, I think he'd be amused.

Heh... that.. uh.. was pretty much me, actually.

I mean in a vague way I knew they existed, but it certainly wasn't something my family or schools talked to me about.

These latest pinknesses are so cute, I love them.

I learned about it when I went in my uncle's bacement & saw on the furnice in magnetic letters TOM LOVES MATT. At 9 that what a huge "Ah HA!" moment

*giggle* Nice.

The layout is somehow remniscent of her covers, too, which is cute.

I don't remember ever learning about it, it was always just kind of there. Then again, growing up around drum corps, especially since my dad and uncle marched for the Madison Scouts, was probably a massive part of that.

I wouldn't say that it was totally unknown to me as an option, but it was definitely the first time I saw it treated as a *normal* option.

I don't think I learned about the existence of gay people and/or gayness from Lackey, as I don't remember an initial moment of "What? OH...". Rather, the revelation for me was that being gay was usually treated as just another incidental characteristic, like having blue eyes or a talent for archery.

Growing up with that perspective made me a lot more accepting and a lot less likely to treat having an "alternative" sexuality as a Big Deal. It's just something that *was* - if someone was gay, I'd shrug, make a mental note about which pronoun to use when asking about dates, and move on.

Congratulations, you have a meme going! The DeviantArt link has made it orthogonally around my friendslist.

Well, the comic's definitely spreading. I found it courtesy of drzarron. The trackback for this should be very interesting.

I've never heard of that author or that series, but now I'll have to check it out.

I personally found out about homosexuality from a wonderful book called Diving For The Moon. It takes place in the early 80s and one of the main characters is an 11-year-old boy who becomes HIV+ after a bad blood transfusion. A gay man who acts as a confidante and advisor tells the boy, in a particularly touching scene, that kids are nasty, they will find out about the boy's disease, and they will ridicule him just the same way they'd ridicule homosexuals.

I learned about homosexuality from the movie "Clue."

Mr. Green: I'm a homosexual.
9-or-10-Year-Old Me: What's a homosexual?
Mom: *pauses the tape with what may have been a "hooboy, here we go" expression* It's a man who prefers to have sex with another man instead of a woman.
Me: *having learned the basic mechanics of heterosexual sex from too much PBS a year earlier* Wait, how does that even work? Guys don't have vaginas!
Mom: *sigh* They... use the butt instead.