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(no subject)

I'm just waiting to see how people are going to find a way to get bent out of shape about this one...


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Oh yeah, I'm sorry you had to put the little disclaimer at the bottom too. Especially since some of believe that we do have a choice.

It seems like to me that, regardless of whether or not orientation is a choice, whether or not to have a same-sex relationship is pretty indisputably a choice. Same as whether or not to have any other sort of relationship is a choice.

(And, from what I've heard from friends, sometimes the realization that having the same-sex relationship is an option can be a startling revelation to someone who doesn't feel they have a choice about being attracted that way.)

But I suspect Ursula doesn't really want a long debate about this, so instead I'll point out that I quite like the artwork. :)

It's sort of funny when you apply it to different contexts. Like a census--lots of options on a census, but they don't really indicate one way or the other about whether there's a choice about it. ^_^

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