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(no subject)

I'm just waiting to see how people are going to find a way to get bent out of shape about this one...


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*hysterical laughter*

Oh man oh man... I learned of homosexuality in much the same way, only to start drawing parallels between the characters and myself...

And now I am a girl with a girlfriend. Whoot!

I didn't LEARN about homosexuality from Mercedes Lackey, but I WAS really in to her books around the time that I came out.
Actually, I was introduced to her books by the friend who was to become my girlfriend for most of my adolesence... so it's all complicatedly tangled up together for me.

And now I am a girl with a girlfriend. Whoot!

Um, does that mean you used to be a boy before? If that's true, that a heck of an introduction to the LGBT life. ^_^

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