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(no subject)

I'm just waiting to see how people are going to find a way to get bent out of shape about this one...


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From Larry Dixon:

Mo: just wanted to show you an artwork mentioning Misty, that I think might amuse you
Mo: if that's ok
Larry: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/50453518/
Mo: yes, that one
Larry: It is very funny :-)
Mo: I asked the artist if she minded me showing it to you, and told her I'd let her know your response to it
Mo: she's nice people and I think your response will give her a smile she needs
Larry: Oh we were going to post her a note! Please let her know we're delighted by it, and I've printed a tiny little copy of it out to put in Misty's office. Misty has been pointing people to it too. The Companions are telling her to. :-)
Mo: :-D
Mo: thank you, kind sir
Larry: And also if you could, would you please let her know that we very uch like her work, and we're so glad she's enjoyed ours.
Larry: much
Mo: I will definitely do that
Larry: Thank you!
Larry: And feel welcome to pass on my IM & email to her too if you like, should she like to contact us

I've altered screen names, but will e-mail you contact information if you wish :)

*grin* I'd be delighted for contact info--I'd love to thank 'em in person...

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