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Too Much Information Re-re-redux

It occurs to me that one of the major differences between men and women is that if you're male, there is never a time when finding your underwear full of blood is a cause for celebration.

For me, however, PMS has ended, and while life is still going through a very hard patch, it is a hard patch that I am marginally better equipped to face.

I suppose it's a better alternative than not finding it at all...but not much better.

I feel your pain. The "friend" arrived this morning and has totally sapped my energy.


congrats on the arrival of your Aunt Rosie.

god, euphemisms crack me up.

The one I prefer to use is "There is currently a performance of Titus Andronicus in my pants."

According to my mom...

She and her sisters referred to it as "The Red Badge of Courage"!

if you're male, there is never a time when finding your underwear full of blood is a cause for celebration.

Maybe. Depends on whose blood it is...

There is no situation I can conceive to that that doesn't make me go "DUDE. EW."

Well, now you've gone and done it, Ursula... You've proven that your readership will forgive you anything.

Feel free to be all whiny and emo forever, now. Apparently, it's Kosher.


I've always understood that being drained of all your blood is one of the steps in kosher butchery...

No i can say the one time i found mine filled with blood was not all that pleasant but i was releived when it was not from the things i cared about. (sword fighting accident with a really sharp sword) felt the warm flow of blood and freaked

Yar! She be chummin' th' watters, get out th' Blackbeard's! :D

Yes, those months when celebration ensues are few and far between, but the damn things have to be happy-dance worthy at least sometimes just to defray the sucking.

I just got back from the ER at 3:00 AM this morning. I am a male and woke up to my underwear full of blood......(Not really. I was having SEVERE groin pains from the Shingles but felt like I had MASSIVE amounts of bleeding.) They gave me MASSIVE amounts of Lortab for the pain and sent me home.

Arrrrgh, Did the sharks smell YE?

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I'm male, and while I shy away from using definitive terms such as "never", nothing is really coming to mind.

And yay for an (even temporary) end to hormonal challenges to your emotional state.

Nothing is really TMI when you're this old. Well, almost nothing. ;)

It is little known that men can actually get hormonal cycles and PMS too.

We refer to that as SRH (Sperm retention headache)