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This started out as a concept sketch for a custom my little pony, and then I'm afraid it got away from me.


(What, you expected I'd do something with hearts and fluffy wings? C'mon!)

Sure I expect you to do things with hearts and fluffy wings.
On something with fangs and a taste for fresh blood.

...or both. I mean, whose hearts does it have, hidden under those fluffy wings? Perhaps it is saving them up so that when its unwholesome brood hatch from their gelatinous eggs, they can feast on hearts.

(Meanwhile, I giggle so much at My Leper Pony...)

I'll take 10! Time to infect the world of 'my little pony.' *evil laugh!*

Perfect. Just...perfect. Take that, sparkly toys!

Aw, so sad! You've undone all the warm fuzzies I got from Cute Overload today.

Not only a Leper pony, but apparently an assassin one too! I <3 it!

Spreading cuteness in the form of little dropped-off bits wherever it goes....

Is it too much to hope it has a white gold horseshoe?

I'm still waiting for the second book in the final trilogy, yeesh, hasn't it been 18 months at least?

....twisted. I love it!! First time I've ever thought of a My Little Pony ashram too. Thanks for that.

Wow...sounds remarkably like something out of my childhood, when the wicked pink pony usurped the throne from her sister and ruthlessly tortured her followers, and her sister acquired an army of trolls and took down pinky and the barbie in a gruesome bloody battle at least once a month.

MLP were just so good for political plotting...

lol, I can totally vizualize you actually make one of these suckers! You're filing off part of the nose and one of the ears before covering them with bandages. And combining paint with glue and flour to make some pretty nasty sores and pustules. The pimped out leprous pony!

What, you expected I'd do something with hearts and fluffy wings?

If you did one like that, it'd be scary. (Actually I reaaly wish I had a Leperot!)

I was shopping for a cell phone at KMart the other day and found a "My Little Pony and the Missing Rainbows" Game Boy game on clearance. Naturally I thought of you. Sadly, the game didn't appear to feature any terminal diseases.

*laughs* oh, so cute and... oozy. It reminds me of the Apocalypse Ponies: