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(no subject)

Say, do any of you crazed modifiers of things know how to get the sticky bits of a decal off a plastic package? I thought it might be cool to modify Leperlot's packaging to reflect the horror, but after peeling off the "Crystal Princess" sticker, there's all this schmutz, the plastic is too thin to scrape well,  and nail polish remover only moves it around.

whenever i need to get gooey stuff off a surface, there's stuff called "goo-gone" it comes in a little plastic spray bottle, smells rather citrus-y, and melts goo away from surfaces. as to where you would get it? i'm pretty sure either wal-mart or kmart will have it.
hope it helps!

Home Depot is where we got ours, I think. When nothing else would work to get the 40-year-old contact paper off of the shelves (including industrial strength acetone and a razor), goo-gone did. /advert

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i used to work for a company that made maps from arial (sp?) photography and we used a naptha based solvent to remove sticky stuff from photos. but i think that nail polish remover would do the trick eventually. if the gunk is moving around it oughta come off if you rub it hard enough with a paper towel.

Dunno if you can get it over there, but eucalyptus oil works a treat for removing that gunk.

Just test it on a non visible corner first... Just in case...

Why remove it, instead of using it to attach something that adds to the theme? Bits of gauze, enough dirt that it won't be tacky still but will look somewhat leprous, instant mashed potato flakes to resemble shed skin, that sort of thing?

You might want to try rubbing alcohol. If the sticker was on resin or something sturdier, you can probably get it off with Goo-Gone (available at any Ace Hardware or similar), which is just toluene. Do not use Goo-Gone if it's clear plastic, though!

Oh. Duh. You also might want to try mineral spirits, which I sure you have around there somewhere. (Again, use with care on clear plastic)

The concept that I might have toluene in my closet scared me, so I checked. Goo Gone appears to be one of the many forms of naphtha, not toluene.

I don't know how that might effect its use on clear plastic though.

I know this sounds gross, but Ursula-oil will almost certainly work beter than anything else! Just rub your finger along the side of your nose, or across your forehead, wherever you get oily, and rub it off with that. Works perfectly for almost any kind of sticky... and right there at hand all the time!

Hairspray works to get price-tag adhesive off of plastic. I didn't believe it until I tried it on a swim mask that had a stubborn price tag slapped right in the middle of the viewing area.

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I will second the use of WD-40. It works great to remove adheasive goo.


If it's just sticky left, lay clear scotch tape over it and pull it up. You may have to do it several times, but it does eventually work. Use only on a plastic surface, Paper will tear.
I use GooGone and tape to remove gunk from book covers. Works on most surfaces except paper.

Try soaking it off by leaving a warm damp sponge over the adhesive? Support the packaging against something and try getting it off with one of those rubber cement erasers? Oh, I know, swab at the adhesive with vegetable oil until it rubs away and then clean off the vegetable oil with soap (it works for snakes stuck to duct tape. Don't ask).

But with a line like that, I wanna know.

Why not make a leper sticker to put over it? Just use printable sticker paper, or printable mailing labels since it probably doesn't need to be very big.

Actually, the cheapest way to do that is probably to paint over a priority mail sticker and slap that on.

I've heard lighter fluid is good for taking stickers off things. Mind you, I've never tried it.

It seems to work *uses lighter fluid to clean her gummy cutting boards* :)

Bestine works better than goo-gone, nail polish remover, alcohol, or anything else I've tried. We use it at work for removing product lables from retail samples. You can even saturate a label with Bestine and remove it intact for future use. You will probably find Bestine in the marker-rendering section, or the adhesive section of that art store you work at.

When nail polish fails you, there's Goo Gone.

eucalyptus oil works a treat.