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Warning: Photos of Polymer Clay Lesions

I am particularly pleased with how smoothly the boils transition into the body.

My Leper Pony

Not bad for a first attempt, if I do say so myself! (I haven't tackled re-rooting a mane yet, though--I hear that's the worst job.)

 Now I have to either sell it, or convince a gallery to give me a show of "My Horrible Little Pony...

...the festering sores are quite amazingly revolting. XD

It's the blood soaked bandages and the sculptured open sores that really make this hilarious.

I can't believe I just wrote that...

if you ebay this sucker, I know she will do very well! I cant even wait to see how the auction goes!

Man shes awesome, Jesus woulda loved her!

Did you change the little story on the back of the packaging? It's too small to read in the photo, but I'm betting it's horribly amusing. :)

Yup! It's the blurb from the Leperlot concept sketch, about thugees.


I wish they had leperlot when I was a kid. I'd have much preferred my leper pony to my little pony. More interesting hair, and for once I wouldn't have to trim off the mane and cover it in mud and stick bandaids on when I wanted a walking wounded!

Hey. I know you! *Waves to Ceara*

Tango, from NSHC. ^_^

Yay for Leper Ponies! *Can't wait to see if more pop up*

Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Pony... (which, now that I think about it, is wrong on more than just one level *G*)

"Ponies aren't supposed to bend that way!"

That is really, really amusing.

I am in worshipful awe.

I would want to bid, but I'm a little concerned that if I won, the kid would want to add it to her existing herd of (so far unmodded) ponies.

Curses! The child may have foiled me again!

I love your icon! You have no idea how excited I was when I recognized it. Then I felt like a complete geek. But I'm a HAPPY geek, so it's ok. That seriously made my day.

So, I've never modified a Pony before, but I keep wanting to.
What sort of paint do you use on them?
And, do you generally have any tips?

Leperlot is wonderful btw. :)
Her name (Love-a-lot) sounds rather more like a Care Bear, though.... I bet you'd do a great mod on a Care Bear too!

*laugh* Since this is my very first, I have no useful tips at all! Check out the tutorials by Woosie and Aikarin, that's my advice.

I used a bottle of moss green acrylic craft paint for the main color, and painted the boils and bandages from my store of acrylic paints and inks I use for art. (The nice thing about the acrylic craft paint is that you can get a bottle for a buck, there's a zillion colors, it's consistently colored, so you don't have to keep mixing and get blotches, and you can retouch if need be.)

nifty, although you know if this keeps going you'll end up trying to mod a real pony and that never goes down well.

Fantastic. I really love the whole presentation with the modded box.

There's actually more modding on the box than shows--on the sides, they have pictures of the other ponies in the series, which I altered to "Ebola Pony" "Botfly Pony" "Zombie Pony" and "Sucking Chest Wound Pony," while the bottom contains a disclaimer about it being parody and not affiliate with Hasbro, etc.

That's fantastic! Wow. Colour me impressed (don't. I like myself this colour and I'm scared you'd actually figure out a way)

Well done.

Submitted for your consideration, a missive on MLP from The Godnut Zone

Everyone loves horses, but these are not your everyday horses. These horses can levitate, or fly through the air. Most people do not realize when they see someone or something flying through the air that this phenomenon is pure Satanism. Further, many of these horses are Unicorns. In fact, this TV cartoon so popularized Unicorns that we see them today in jewelry, clothing, paintings, and figurines. Many Christian families even own Unicorn representations in their homes. Do you realize the Unicorn has been occultic for thousands of years, and is represented in current New Age literature as being representative of the violent way in which the New World Order will be finally brought into existence? Occultic folklore has traditionally pictured the Unicorn as the destroyer of the old system, a necessary prerequisite for the New System to be established.

oh my yes, its clearly stated in the Bible...unicorns are evil...everyone knows that.

ok.....maybe not....

That is absolutely awesome. I love it!

i have this sneaking suspicion that whatever it goes for on Ebay, i wouldn't be able to afford it. This is just awesome. :D