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Warning: Photos of Polymer Clay Lesions

I am particularly pleased with how smoothly the boils transition into the body.

My Leper Pony

Not bad for a first attempt, if I do say so myself! (I haven't tackled re-rooting a mane yet, though--I hear that's the worst job.)

 Now I have to either sell it, or convince a gallery to give me a show of "My Horrible Little Pony...

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So, I've never modified a Pony before, but I keep wanting to.
What sort of paint do you use on them?
And, do you generally have any tips?

Leperlot is wonderful btw. :)
Her name (Love-a-lot) sounds rather more like a Care Bear, though.... I bet you'd do a great mod on a Care Bear too!

*laugh* Since this is my very first, I have no useful tips at all! Check out the tutorials by Woosie and Aikarin, that's my advice.

I used a bottle of moss green acrylic craft paint for the main color, and painted the boils and bandages from my store of acrylic paints and inks I use for art. (The nice thing about the acrylic craft paint is that you can get a bottle for a buck, there's a zillion colors, it's consistently colored, so you don't have to keep mixing and get blotches, and you can retouch if need be.)

Woos and Aikarin are both AMAZING customizers... and for your first attempt, I'm in awe! I always wanted to make a custom pony, but I never had the patience for it (oh GOD, rehairing! D:).

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