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Warning: Photos of Polymer Clay Lesions

I am particularly pleased with how smoothly the boils transition into the body.

My Leper Pony

Not bad for a first attempt, if I do say so myself! (I haven't tackled re-rooting a mane yet, though--I hear that's the worst job.)

 Now I have to either sell it, or convince a gallery to give me a show of "My Horrible Little Pony...

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Submitted for your consideration, a missive on MLP from The Godnut Zone

Everyone loves horses, but these are not your everyday horses. These horses can levitate, or fly through the air. Most people do not realize when they see someone or something flying through the air that this phenomenon is pure Satanism. Further, many of these horses are Unicorns. In fact, this TV cartoon so popularized Unicorns that we see them today in jewelry, clothing, paintings, and figurines. Many Christian families even own Unicorn representations in their homes. Do you realize the Unicorn has been occultic for thousands of years, and is represented in current New Age literature as being representative of the violent way in which the New World Order will be finally brought into existence? Occultic folklore has traditionally pictured the Unicorn as the destroyer of the old system, a necessary prerequisite for the New System to be established.

oh my yes, its clearly stated in the Bible...unicorns are evil...everyone knows that.

ok.....maybe not....

They... have to be evil! No decent beast of His creation has a single horn sticking out like that. It's a clear symbol of... I mean... so erec... It's a symbol! Of being bad! And narwhals are worse, they're even bigger and they're wet! Wet!

yes! thats why i dont eat mushrooms!

Yeah, anything that inspires wonder that isn't directly related to Jesus is BAYUD. What a sad existence that must be. Sorry, just got up, don't mind my grumbling.

I'm hoping that's just a joke/parody site. Particularly since the Unicorn has been used as a symbol of Jesus for centuries, and Unicorns are mentioned in the Bible (though many modern translations use "wild ox" instead).


Wow. I've been obsessed with MLPs and unicorns since I can remember. I'll have to send this to my parents, as they were the ones who first bought me the stuff. Then I guess I'll have to go sacrifice a goat or something....

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