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Warning: Photos of Polymer Clay Lesions

I am particularly pleased with how smoothly the boils transition into the body.

My Leper Pony

Not bad for a first attempt, if I do say so myself! (I haven't tackled re-rooting a mane yet, though--I hear that's the worst job.)

 Now I have to either sell it, or convince a gallery to give me a show of "My Horrible Little Pony...

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I think I knew you had an LJ, but I didn't expect to see you around anywhere. ^_^ Always fun! Ursula is great fun.

Someone on the Metaquotes comments of this topic mentioned Ebola Pony, and just the mere idea of it made me nearly choke on my soda.

Ebola Pony! Hahaha.

Yeah, Ursula really is ^_^ I used to watch her stuff over at elfwood and follow her tutorials on FARP *g*

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