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(no subject)

Leperlot Auction

Starting at $25, because I have no idea what the market will bear on these things. Since I'm hearing that Hasbro gets antsy about the packaging thing, this is likely to be the only pony I do with modified packaging, although I haven't quite given up the notion of completely redesigning the packaging, if I get into this as more than a two-or-three pony gig. *grin*

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I will not bid on a lepeorus pony. I do not have that money. If I had money, I would buy Ursula Vernon's novel. Or some Digger. Or a bog unicorn print. I will not spend money I do not have on a leperous my little pony. No matter how cute and ironic.

I will NOT.

Quick, somebody smack some sense into me. Barring that, bit Leperlot up so high I can't even think about it.

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