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Sometimes in life, we just get a piece of utterly unmitigated Good News.

We must hedge this around with all the usual caveats about initial trials and not 100% success rates and whatnot, but still:

Type I diabetes cured with stem cells

Sorta like the vaccine that prevents many forms of cervical cancer, this cheers me immensely and gets me a bit choked up.*

You go, guys.

*Granted y'know, I choke up fairly easily these day, but still!

It's still a huge step!

... and I just realized it might give one of Keffy's plotlines a good hard shake. XD Ah, science, always marching forward and surprising us spec fic writers...

I've had diabetes for 20+ years.
I'm watching this one with much higher hopes than the breathable insulin.
*Fingers crossed*

I've been type 2 for about 3 years now, and it's well under control (last a1c test came back as 5.9), and I have yet to speak to anyone that has actually tried the inhaled insulin. Has it been made available, or is it still being tested? I know my wife, who takes 3 or 4 shots a day, would greatly benefit if she can ever switch to it. I, fortunately, don't have to take shots, just a pile of pills.

The mechanism by which they did it is the exciting part - essentially they wiped out the patients' immune systems and rebuilt them using their own stem cells, which halted their bodies from attacking and destroying their pancreases - from the improvement, sounds like they were able to repair their pancreatic damage at the same time. The possibilities this offers all sufferers of auto-immune disorders (including, say, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis) are staggering.

That said, it's a small study and it's short-term. Intensely exciting, but still early days.

(pops his metformin and hauls out the ol' lancet) Still, I'm watching with interest. :)

The auto-immune possibilities are fascinating, but I'm worried by the mention of the one patient who fell ill with a virus. That seems to imply that while it does "reset" the immune system, the underlying problem could still be there, and be triggered by the right circumstances. If true, I'd be very leery of using it to treat auto-immune problems, especially ones with a genetic cause. Of course, for those whose immune systems have been destroyed by an outside influence, this could potentially be very helpful.

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Uhm, actually we fundies are overjoyed to hear about cures involving adult stem cells, which don't require the destruction of any embryos. And we're 100% (as far as I know) in favor of funding more research with adult stem cells.

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Hooray for science!

Selfishly bummed that it's Type 1 not Type 2 (I always get them confused) but still really super great news :)

Well, Type 2 can usually be controlled by lifestyle changes, since that's the most common cause, whereas type 1 is hereditary.

Wow. I hope this one pans out, and in a practical and affordable way. Science guys (and girls) are awesome!
And I've had the first shot of that vaccine and I still think it's voodoo magic. It has the whiff of "too good to be true" about it.

Boo, fundamentalist, anti-human bullshit. Hooray science!

They shouldnt even be objecting, the stem cells used are drawn from the patients own blood.

Fantastic stuff. its a pity im destined to have type 2 diabetes due to a genetic link (which they failed to mention, its not just lifestyle )

When they figure out a cure for those of us that have had it long enough that we've got no islets left, then I'll get excited. :)

And this is a gratuitous icon comment.

All I can say to this is "wow!". I managed to not say it loudly, what with being in an office at the moment. But. Wow.

Right now I'm working in an office that's about a five minute drive from Banting House. Maybe I should wander over and see if they've put up a "going out of business" sign yet.

-- Steve dearly hopes this really is the first step towards a total cure.

Wow. If this turns out to be reliable, it will be incredible. What an awesome discovery! I can't believe it might be possible to repair immune systems with the patients own stem cells, not to mention the awesomness of a cure for diabetes. Thanks for sharing- I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Woot! Wow, I needed that shot of good news. Thanks!

*sigh* I always wanted to work in something that would help make a difference in this world.... Instead of just this dead end underpaid shit... to bad they aint found a cure for 'classism' yet... Regardless I have some close friends with diabetes, this is good news.

Im also happy to read (least from what i've skimmed over) adult stem cells from the patients own tissue were used and not embryonic ones.