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Commission Auction

To cap off a day of serious ups and downs, my printer just died the final death. And I have prints that need to go out NOW.

I cursed, exhaled, got up, checked the internet, nodded glumly, and went out to Best Buy, where I laid out $600 on a new printer, ink, and service plan.

It's a good printer. It's an upgrade from my current, it can do giclee prints, it's got the separate toner bays so that I can just replace the red instead of the whole thing (which is much more efficient for me!) It had to be done, it had to be done now--I've been nursing my old printer along for years, and I put far more wear and tear on the things than they're designed to handle. It's my major money maker, and it had to be done.

But christ, $600 on my current budget is a hurting.

So, I'm finally having to do it.

I'm auctioning off a commission.

This is a Weird Shoe painting commission--anything you want, as long as it's a shoe. (I've had good luck in the past with "Anything you want, as long as it's a frog," figured I'd try again.) If it goes well--or my budget goes ill!--I may auction off others. I'm really not up for character commissions any more, for the most part, so I'm sticking with things I know I still have a passion for at the moment. (We may yet see "Anything you want, as long as it's a wombat/pink lizard/weird fruit," for that matter.) Since I rather need a Weird Shoe for the aforementioned show, I thought I'd make the offer, and hopefully I can work out with a bidder to deliver after the show--and even if not, at least I'll be in a shoe mood.

Weird Shoe Commission

Edit: I just ran a print off on Mr. Printy. I think I just had a printgasm.

cause you also know i'm waiting for the kali pony :)

*grin* Very soon! Just gotta set up the photo shoot...

Which printer did you end up with?

As an aside, if you're ever behind the 8-ball again and need prints, I'd be glad to help. I've got an Epson 3800 set up on a full color-checked workflow that I use for wedding packages and other photography, and it does a beautiful job on art-prints. I help out a handful of other artists, both local and remote to me (I'm one of those crazy Bay Area Californians) and would be honored to assist.

I used to work with an R800 and had great luck with it, but went to the 3800 as it had better blacks and was much easier to get properly calibrated.

*grin* Aww, thank you! Yeah, hopefully that won't happen for awhile, but if it does, I may take you up on that!

I picked up an R1800, an upgrade on my faithful but elderly 1280.

Please forgive my ignorance- what are giclee prints?

Giclee are Very Very Expensive Uber-Archival. They're supposed to last a couple of hundred years. Regular prints, particularly with the good paper I use and whatnot, are pretty durable, all things considered, but they're still not gonna be around for centuries.

(Deleted comment)
I wish I had money. :( There's little that could interest me more than the combination of Ursula art and shoes.

  • That sure went up quick. I'll be surprised if you can't cover some more bills besides the new printer, once the auction's done.
  • Alas, the terms of the offer appear to exclude "shoe from Gearworld" as a legitimate request. Which is understandable, because (as far as I understand the temperament of your muse) Gearworld happens when it happens. But that's what I would want if I had enough cowries to consider bidding on the commission.

I would be willing to do clockwork and wire shoes, but I couldn't promise Gearworldian shoes, per se...

Something to inspire you

I thought this might give you some ideas ===> http://crevette.livejournal.com/202093.html

Would it be cheating to have it be a commission of whatever kind of shoe *you* wanted?

*grin* Not at all! I'd probably send the buyer a couple of roughs of shoes I've wanted to do, and let 'em pick the one they like.

GODS if i had money i would so be bidding now. OH how i would be bidding just so i could get a picture done of the shoes i want to make for my Sometimes real life charachter the Pimp Master Orange. Someday i want to make the big wooden sandals that the japanese use but make them into aqauriums for bettas that i can walk on :) but alas my money situations get worse and worse byt he day. but i am sure you was will makes the moneys and such so GO YOU! and your fancy shoes!

Add me to the list of "I wish I had money so I could get me an Ursula painting". Alas, three small children with two of us working not quite full time minimum wage jobs makes for pretty much NO spare cash for anything.

Good luck with the auction, and I'm glad Mr. Printy is working for you.

I'm bidding, and I'm terribly torn here... Heh. I want you to make enormous amounts of money, but of course I want it to stay in my price range. I'm already excited about it, though. Now I'm torn also on what shoes should I win... a pair of parrot pumps, all colorful and covered in feathers or some sushi shoes (nice shiny, silvery fish skin with pink salmon insides with a little ribbon of seaweed)... or or or even some little anemone puffs on the toes! Annnnnnnd squeekthxbai.

*grin* Hey, the sushi shoes sound pretty damn cool...

Out with it, what printer did you get? ;-)

Epson Photo R1800. It's...so...faaaaast. I mean, it spit out a 13 x 19 in the time I took to reply to two comments on the blog.

(Deleted comment)
Economy of scale kicks in, along with economy of storage. I do so much art that I sell a vast array of prints, but often only two or three or any given image. There's only a few that are so wildly popular (Azezaelbunny, the Lurking Sock Puppet) that a print run would be seriously worthwhile, and then I'd have to store the bloody things. Whereas having my own set-up, I can print on demand to meet demand, with much less storage woes.

Heh. Is it wrong that I am now vividly picturing Azeazel bunny slippers?

*grin* I'd feel oddly self-referential, but I'd do it!

(Deleted comment)
...Okay, I gotta admit, I'm a little glad you don't have money...*sweats* I'd try, though!