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Commission Auction

To cap off a day of serious ups and downs, my printer just died the final death. And I have prints that need to go out NOW.

I cursed, exhaled, got up, checked the internet, nodded glumly, and went out to Best Buy, where I laid out $600 on a new printer, ink, and service plan.

It's a good printer. It's an upgrade from my current, it can do giclee prints, it's got the separate toner bays so that I can just replace the red instead of the whole thing (which is much more efficient for me!) It had to be done, it had to be done now--I've been nursing my old printer along for years, and I put far more wear and tear on the things than they're designed to handle. It's my major money maker, and it had to be done.

But christ, $600 on my current budget is a hurting.

So, I'm finally having to do it.

I'm auctioning off a commission.

This is a Weird Shoe painting commission--anything you want, as long as it's a shoe. (I've had good luck in the past with "Anything you want, as long as it's a frog," figured I'd try again.) If it goes well--or my budget goes ill!--I may auction off others. I'm really not up for character commissions any more, for the most part, so I'm sticking with things I know I still have a passion for at the moment. (We may yet see "Anything you want, as long as it's a wombat/pink lizard/weird fruit," for that matter.) Since I rather need a Weird Shoe for the aforementioned show, I thought I'd make the offer, and hopefully I can work out with a bidder to deliver after the show--and even if not, at least I'll be in a shoe mood.

Weird Shoe Commission

Edit: I just ran a print off on Mr. Printy. I think I just had a printgasm.

on the plus side...

...it would appear that this commission will at least pay for half of the new printer. :) (Maybe the whole thing; the auction is young yet.)

Incidentally, you do realize that by saying things on the auction like this:

With the possible exception of abstract philosophical concepts, serious architecture, and heavy math (and I'll at least take a stab at quadratic equation saddle shoes, if you must have them) I will paint any shoe type your heart desires

you're pretty much asking for someone to win the bid and then ask you for "Gaudi's Contravariant Functor Shoes of Ennui" or something, right? ;)

Re: on the plus side...

If they're willing to give me the reference material, I am willing to try.

one comment on the auction text

You might want to make it clear that the picture you put up there is _just a sample_ and is not what the actual painting will look like. Shoedn't be an issue, I'd hope, but it couldn't hurt to be explicit.

Re: one comment on the auction text

Shoedn't be an issue...



Looking at it, it's already going for more than my state tax returns are (which was my very sad limit) but I hope beyond hope that whoever wins orders squash shoes.

Because I'm just that kind of woman.

(You are going to post pictures of it, right?)

Bunny slippers made from real bunnies?!?! Noooooo!!!!

PETA will hear of this!

you know, my best friend makes pens and pencils, and a bunch of other stuff from wood (www.woodpens.com, check it out), and one of the source materials he uses is woolly mammoth ivory. A couple of years ago, a lady sent him a wicked, hate-filled, and somewhat rambling email in which she stated, and this is almost close enough to be quoted "I can't believe in this day and age that you are killing and exploiting woolly mammoths for ivory". She also said that since woolly mammoths only exist in China (no idea how she came to that conclusion), he must have smuggled the ivory into the US. He sent a reply to the effect that the ivory was discovered in a cave in Alaska, and by the way, woolly mammoths have been kind of extinct for about 40,000 years, so blame the caveman that stockpiled the ivory in the first place, not him. She fired back an email that was also CC'd to PETA, several government agencies, such as US Customs, and a few politicians. He got a few email inquiries from some of the agencies, mostly to the effect of "What the hell is this all about? Thanks for making our day".

Sorry to ramble on, but your comment about PETA reminded me, and well, I can't help but tell that story whenever possible. It's not one to keep to yourself, you know?

BTW, Ursula, if you happen to read this.... count yourself glad I'm not bidding on the shoe commission, because then you'd have to make wombat shoes. Or maybe Boneclaw Mother.

that.. is.. incredible. in other news, I think I may have actually seen your friend at the ohio renfaire?

my husband's response: "I can't believe he is either!" ;)

Reminds me of the line in the Addam's Family Movie (about Girl Scout Cookies):
Are they made from real Girl Scouts?

I saw the post, thought "cool" and the bidding was already waaaaaaaaaaaaaay above my budget. Someday, I shall have an original Ursula. But not this time.

Can't wait to see what the request is and how it turns out, though!

wow, 453 already.. almost recouped the cost of the printer, woot! here's hoping it goes up more (I can say this since I can't bid.. heh)

*sighs* That's my favorite painting! So much for being a straving college student.

Oh by the way Did you get the contract PDF in your email? I really need it because the 18th, or I can't get a check for you.


PS. If I had any money at all I would be bidding like crazy!

Contract PDF? I mailed back the one contract and got an e-mail saying it had gotten there...if there's something else, please resend it!

oh fun fun :) and giclee fancy ^.^
cant wait to see what kinf of fun shoe u get to make