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Commission Auction

To cap off a day of serious ups and downs, my printer just died the final death. And I have prints that need to go out NOW.

I cursed, exhaled, got up, checked the internet, nodded glumly, and went out to Best Buy, where I laid out $600 on a new printer, ink, and service plan.

It's a good printer. It's an upgrade from my current, it can do giclee prints, it's got the separate toner bays so that I can just replace the red instead of the whole thing (which is much more efficient for me!) It had to be done, it had to be done now--I've been nursing my old printer along for years, and I put far more wear and tear on the things than they're designed to handle. It's my major money maker, and it had to be done.

But christ, $600 on my current budget is a hurting.

So, I'm finally having to do it.

I'm auctioning off a commission.

This is a Weird Shoe painting commission--anything you want, as long as it's a shoe. (I've had good luck in the past with "Anything you want, as long as it's a frog," figured I'd try again.) If it goes well--or my budget goes ill!--I may auction off others. I'm really not up for character commissions any more, for the most part, so I'm sticking with things I know I still have a passion for at the moment. (We may yet see "Anything you want, as long as it's a wombat/pink lizard/weird fruit," for that matter.) Since I rather need a Weird Shoe for the aforementioned show, I thought I'd make the offer, and hopefully I can work out with a bidder to deliver after the show--and even if not, at least I'll be in a shoe mood.

Weird Shoe Commission

Edit: I just ran a print off on Mr. Printy. I think I just had a printgasm.

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out of curiousity,would Giclee be considered a medium if the prints were displayed in an artshow?
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out of curiousity,would Giclee be considered a medium if the prints were displayed in an artshow? <lj-user=skippymoosh> mentioned some annoyance that she constantly had to compete with a photographer who submitted "giclee" works to events that allow little in the way of photography submittions

No, not exactly, but giclee prints are much more...hmm...sexy to the fine art world, if that makes any sense. Being able to call something giclee adds a lot of cachet, probably because once upon a time, it was really really expensive to make. (These days, technology being what it is, you can buy a home set up for--well--$600! which is about what one of the damn prints costs a lot of the time.)

hm, well that explains things a bit better. The wiki description just seemed to suggest they were done with an inkjet printer :p anyway, I'll pass this info on since it might interest her. thanks for the info :)

The last gallery owner I talked to about it suggested that the normal going rate for a giclee was 50% of the original. I tried my best blase face and totally didn't sputter "For a PRINT?!" Gotta get in on that action...

Gracious. How exactly does something, er, qualify for the title of giclee? I doubt I'm anywhere near the point yet where it'd be a worthwhile investment to get myself a setup like that, but it still might be nice to know for future reference.

Archival paper, archival ink. The ink for the R1800's is already archival, I'd just need to get the uber-archival paper. I already use the pro matte heavyweight, which is about the best over-the-counter paper, but if I wanted to order the really expensive stuff on-line, I could call 'em giclees.

do you think you're going to be offering giclee (damn that's an odd word) prints any time soon then, now that you can make them?

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