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(no subject)

Dude. Warren Ellis linked to a photo of Blackbeard's Rugged Tampons.


Since it's a link chasing a link, he didn't post a direct link to my stuff, but my faithful readers have already made with the links. That's kinda cool.


Ellen is weighing the notion of doing another t-shirt run. If you are interested in a Blackbeard's Rugged Tampons T-shirt, please sign up for the Alert List  which will inform you if and when such a thing becomes available.

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I am sooo happy I got one of those shirts. People *love* it. I get many compliments and I get to tell people about your work, which is double cool. I don't mind being a walking Ursula ad.

At this most recent Norwescon, I wore nothing but Ursula shirts (Biting Pear, Madonna and Egg, and Bad Egg) and got tons of good reactions -- next year, I should just ask for a stack of business cards in advance to hand out to everyone who asked where I got the shirts. :)

I had the same experience at Norwescon, wearing Squash Drummer, Used Djinni Salesman, and a few others. I got very adept at spelling out "metalandmagic dot com!"

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