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Grumpy Chicken Away!

Okay, gang! Grumpy Chicken wound up being an edition of 31 (I know, weird number) and so 26 people get one. They're listed under the cut. Names were selected using a random sequence generator (no more mousewheeling!) and should a chicken go unclaimed, I'll go back to it. 

You're under no obligation to buy, of course! They're $15 in the US, or $20 international. E-mail me at ursulav@metalandmagic.com to claim. Please include your LJ handle in your e-mail, or you can just send a Paypal payment to ursulav@metalandmagic.com with the LJ handle in the notes.

Due to sheer bulk of orders, it's taking me about two weeks to get these out the door--the real problem is constructing the bloody mailers, which I'm doing out of scrap foamcore from work, so that I can keep the price low. (We are all about cheap art for the masses. I am cheap and have mass myself.)

As always, #1 of 31 will be on e-bay here shortly.









morning glory









cute Anarchy









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My most recent payment to you on paypal was still to setik!
I'm sorry! I'll go change your paypal address right now!
I hope he sent it on to you. sorry, sorry, sorry!

Oh, don't worry! It all goes to me--you don't have to change it! I took the Paypal account.

Oh. well, now I have the new one too.

Between this and the free latte last week, I have used up my positive luck-of-the-draw points for the next thirty years. But it's all happy.

I paypal'd - hopefully successfuly, paypal and I have had spats in the past.

Oh dear...the 'funky chicken' tune has invaded my noggin. Do the grumpy chicken. It is so time for the weekend.

Re: I win I win I win!

Came through just fine! Thank you!

So…might you eventually sell computer-printed prints of these as well? I for one would have loved a grumpy chicken, but as I'm already gettin' a wombat I didn't want to be greedy. I'd buy a computer-print (there's got to be a better word for that) though, even if I couldn't have an original.

aww shit, I didn't put in my LJ handle, it is for Sarah Hopkins,


I think I did the same for wombat :-(

Apropo of nothing

So on Washington Post today are pictures of the finalists of the Peeps Diorama contest they did. With your recent changes to MLPs, I kind of thought you'd get a kick. So take a look at:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/gallery/070402/GAL-07Apr02-69859/index.html


Woohoo Mom gets her B-day gift.

ha. you've got a grumpy chicken in your kittenpants!
there are so many different wrong places that can go.
but following gypsy rule number one, i won't go there.
and following rule number two, i won't take you with me ;)

Ack! I visualized! But is okay, I followed Gypsy rule and used claymation.

Hey this is Tillette! Just wanted to let you know my payment's been sent.
Oh I wanted to let you know that I did a sculpture of the "Peariphim" If you want, I can show you the pictures. :3

Yay... is very happy to be getting a chicken. I just sent in my payment. I had a livejournal for a while, but never really used it so I'm easiest to contact by e-mail. Thank you for selling art at a price poor college students can actually afford:-)

The Heroic Use of Packing Tape Award!

I received my Grumpy Chicken today, and I have to commend you not only on the print itself (which is FABULOUS), but also for the care you put into the packaging. Our part of the country received torrential rains and horrifying thunderstorms all weekend, and while our area wasn't hit as bad as Greensburg, we did have flash floods throughout the city, our roof leaked, and our basement leaked. The mail I pulled out of the box today was *soaking* wet, but because of the foamboard and liberal use of packing tape, my print was dry and unharmed. YAY!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Re: The Heroic Use of Packing Tape Award!

Oh, thank goodness! I didn't expect it to have to stand up to a major soaking, but I'm glad it did!

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