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Everyone else on the 'Net probably knows about this by now, but I just discovered where the heck Seanbaby (of the famous Superfriends page) went to. (I'm slow.) And I just finished reading a review of a Turkish remake of a Star Trek episode which made me laugh until I had to stagger into the bathroom, clutching my bladder.

This may not be an indication of quality--after all, I just woke up from a strange nightmare where I was in the Matrix, negotiating for the fate of Zion, and I think I offered to trade it for a bus stop and a chocolate bar, (a COOL bus stop, mind you) I've spent the morning dipping test strips into cat urine and preparing injections, and I've had a LOT of coffee, so I'm probably easily amused and a trifle insane. But still, I know the old Star Trek like the back of my hand. I can identify an episode the minute someone opens their mouth. Sometimes just from the color of the planet they're orbiting. It's not that I'm a drooling fan, it's just that Star Trek was my first exposure to sci-fi when I was maybe nine, and I watched it religiously. I wanted to be a Vulcan when I grew up. And this made me howl, because it was obviously supposed to be the one with the salt vampire, but they introduced dancing nude Tarzan robots, and a fire-breathing hippo-monster with jazz hands. And c'mon that makes everything better.

New Digger! I like panel 4. I hadn't originally planned to make Digger an ass-kicker, but after I thought for awhile--I mean, they're the marsupial equivalent of the badger, right? And they dig all the time and they may look like fat little cuties, but I bet they've got pretty impressive muscle, and those claws are enormous. I wouldn't mess with a determined wombat. Even if it didn't know Wombat Fu.
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