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He'll Be Defective Soon...

This morning as I went out to pick up yesterday's mail, I saw a squirrel plummet two stories from the roof of the building and land on the sidewalk about three feet away with a loud slap, like a dry towel smacking the pavement.

"Whoa!" I said to the stunned rodent. "You okay little guy?"

The squirrel shook himself off, gave me a scornful look, and ran somewhat unsteadily off across the lawn.

I looked up and saw a second squirrel on the roof, peering over, who turned and scurried off.

Being me, I immediately began constructing scenarios in my head--were they playing chicken? Had one squirrel pushed the other? Was the squirrel on the roof thinking some variation on "Oh god, oh god, what am I going to tell Mom, oh god..."

Given the capacity of wild animals to survive shocking injuries, I sort of wonder if the squirrel was really okay, or if one more Gimpy the Squirrel will appear in the next few weeks...

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[Brer] I was working in the backyard back on Cape Cod several years ago and saw one young-ish Gray Squirrel mis-judge a leap between limbs of a pitch pine tree. It fell a good 25-30 feet, bounced off the roof of the car, and landed inches away from my feet. It managed to stir itself to action pretty rapidly too, despite the circumstances, and scurry off into the holly tree.

Even funnier though I was walking the dogs last year and startled a squirrel who was coming out toward the curb behind a low brick wall along the front walk to a house. It saw us, panicked, turned and ran back up the walk, jumped up on the wall, and leapt... right INTO a cat sitting on the stairs of the house. It actually rebounded OFF the cat and up onto the higher wall along the front steps, then tore off up the side of the house and over the roof.

The cat was noticeably severely embarrassed by the entire incident. I can't speak for the squirrel, but I'm sure it won't classify as one of its better mornings.

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