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I had a seriously hot dream last night* that was interrupted at the critical juncture by me asking if the dream-guy had a condom. Which he didn't. Which kinda put the kibosh on that.

My freshman sex ed teacher would be so damn proud.

*And by this, I mean there was both sex and good birdwatching. A particularly showy and probably unreal species of kingfisher, to be precise.  "Ooh, baby, you're so--hey, a lifer! Get the binoculars!" Yeah, my subconscious's got my number...

A particularly showy and probably unreal species of kingfisher..

Was it like one of these?

Does it say anything about me that I'm more interested in your dream bird than your dream man?

...which is why YOU should always make sure you have one. Or your dream-self should. Or something. Keep a few in the nightstand so you can both use them?

d00d. your brain is just so tuned in to your wants and needs. :::::grins::::

I one time had this dream that started out with me picking up this beautiful blond who was running away from an abusive boyfriend and taking her to a motel where she was staying and she started to ask me to come spend the night with her because she would just feel better to have someone with her.

And then some guy with a tarantula walked by, and I got completely side-tracked by talking to him about spiders. My friends say that they wouldn't be surprised if I passed up sex for spiders in real life.

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I had something very similar the other night. It involved Salma Hayek. *grumble*

At least it's to know that your unconscious is watching out for your health.

Have you read "How to be a bad Birdwatcher" by Simon Barnes? I got it out of the library this week and finished it in a day, it's a lovely little book about falling in love with birds and how we need nature in our lives. It's also very funny and moving.

Heh - if it's not trying to find a condom at the critical moment, my dream action is liable to be interrupted by me saying "I really shouldn't go any farther with you without checking with my wife first..."

Dream sex should not involve condoms - you'll ruin the fertility of your dreams! ;)

Speaking of bird-watching, you asked about L.A. places before... This place offers a nice walk (hemmed in by freeways--it's L.A., what do you want?) and lots of birds: http://www.longbeach.gov/park/facilities/parks/el_dorado_nature_center.asp

In the one and only "sex dream" I have ever had, I was kidnapped by aliens and put into a breeding program for their zoos. Every other dream with potential I've ever had, my inner nerd kicks in and interferes. I once had a dream in which Clive Owen, one of the most physically attractive men alive, was drilling me on biochemistry. *facepalm*


I'm sure the biochemistry didn't mind.

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The farthest I've ever gone in any of my dreams was hugging. There's handholding, and it evolves into cuddling, and then we fall asleep and completely miss the fun part. Frustrating.

For some reason every time my dreams go down the hot path, there's always someone else walking by so the dreamguy and me have no privacy.

Curse you random dream walk-by's!