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(no subject)

I'm a redhead!

It's not quite as purple as I was wanting--more burgandy than merlot--but that'll get fixed on the next touch-up. It's darker than I ever dyed it before, although not by too much.

Dying your hair is a lot more fun than getting a haircut. Haircuts are always stressful for me--I spend awhile looking in the mirror going "That's not me!" Dye, on the other hand, is just fun. You get excited looking in the mirror. I'm not sure why there's a difference, but there definitely is. (Maybe it's familiarity--I've dyed it a lot more than I've cut it. No clue.)

Continuing to get shipping quotes. More incoming tomorrow.

In con prep news, the vast majority of prints are run off. Mr. Printy is amazing. Normally I'm printing frantically up to the end, but it powered out all the small prints in three days. Now I just have to do a couple of jumbos, and I'm good to go!

In celebration, have more art!


*celebrates more art*

Rattalope is adorable.

Oh Gawds! Teh Cute!!!!
Insulin! Insulin!

Soon we will have proof! Do redheads have more fun? (or just, ya know, sucessful sitcoms.)

Who's Mr. Printy?

Her new printer. Aren't you paying attention?! *wink*

OK - that is just too, too cute. Even my husband is chortling.

Speaking of prints, if it's not too much of a bother to sneak a little mouse dryad into those books... :D

*grin* Send me an e-mail! My memory ain't what it used to be, if it ever was...

We just covered up a red dye-job with a dark "golden honey brown" and it came out very... burgundy. And I LOVE it. I completely agree about the cut vs. dye. Maybe it's the fact that you didn't LOSE anything in the deal. Just changed the color...

woman, you definitely need to publish a weird animal bestiary. :D Such a cute little guy. And I love the sound of your hair colour. I'm pondering dyeing, too. Uh, in a good way. Hair dying.. yeah.

that got me to thinking ... ursula, you ever think of publishing a book of artwork? or, given that what you have done is basically all in the public domain already (on da or your own site), would it have to be all new, never-before-seen stuff therefore making a book a bit further from reality?

just curious.

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I will be dyeing my hair for the first time ever this week, since, for the first time ever, I have nothing to lose. First it shall be bleached, then it shall be blue. I hope I find it as much fun as you claim. ;)

*high fives for the blue*

Blue is the bestest.

Welcome to the ranks of the sexy redheads!

That is an adorable Rattalope, and he looks like he's living out here in Desert Country, California! We have those cacti, here!

Your hair stays the same shape - but the color changes to something wild. And if it goes wrong, there's always black. Moreso if your hair's black to begin with, before all the bleach and dye; less so if you're somewhere in the mid-browns.

Also, keep in mind that your hair color may lighten dramatically (a) upon getting thoroughly dry and (b) after the first couple shampooings. I know the crazy colors I use do this, at least; I'm not quite sure if you went for gleefully impossible hair colors.

(Me? Shocking red at the moment. Red makes me feel a lot more powerful when I go in to interviews, and I had one a few weeks ago...)

Love the rattalope, but... I keep wanting to call it something else...because it reminds me of something else! Must...hold... tongue!

Anyway, ... Red! Awesome! I used to make mine more blonde but...I got tired of keeping up with it. I was thinnking of playing around with temporary colors. *shrug*

Okay, now I really want to know what you want to call it.

My first thought was that the Rattalope looked like something that escaped from Narbonic Labs.


*breaks out the Mariachi music*

your hair turns out not quite purple enough, mine actually turned out purple. like, seriously, somewhere on the crayola-scale of purples. it had to be fixed before i could go to work and is now closer to black, but still shines a brilliant purple in bright light. maybe we should trade...

photo link for pointing and laughing: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v714/NaVerdis/Purple.jpg

Dude, that's cool!

Fun fact: apparently, live mariachi music is the traditional mode of celebration upon finalizing the last shot of an animated movie at Pixar.