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(no subject)

I had a dream last night that had Hugh Laurie in it, which would have been a lot more fun if I hadn't been attacked by lions.

Isn't that how it always is? ;)

If it had been Hugh Laurie in his House persona he could have snarked at the lions until they fled in fear....

And if not, beaten them down with his cane.

Poor lions!

I was watching a special on the top ten Masterpiece Theaters from PBS, which included Hugh Laurie as Wooster in Wooster and Jeeves, which I'd never seen.

I had no idea he could be so much fun, what with just having the curmudgeonly House for a reference.

Not being a watcher of House, I had never connected it; but for Hugh Laurie in funny, early years, watch Blackadder, too. :)

Last night I had a dream where I was blind. The dream was viewed all in black, no shapes except what I touched/heard - they came across as..not shapes or echoes really, but sign-posts on how to get around obstacles, which way to point when talking to someone, etc.

It was odd. No lions though.

Maybe the lions were just being quiet?

my dreams have recently been resembling a Salvador Dali Convention. Sounds like yours would fit right in.

When I dreamt of Hugh Laurie, he was at a con working the House table in the dealer's room, like a webcomic artist.

.... what a deeply awesome concept. o.O

Ahh House. *happy sigh* My gramma would have said 'he can park his shoes under my bed any time'. That phrase always made me giggle...

Dammit, I *never* dream of Hugh Laurie! *pouts*

OTOH, I never dream of being attacked by lions, either, so I guess there's a trade-off.

I once dreamnt an old lady shot me in the chest.

Yes, old ladies defeated me in my OWN BRAIN.

That's what the series finale is going to be.

House: "Dammit, Wilson, I said I'm sorry AUGH LIONS!"

...You win forever. I'm serious.

you know, the other day i had an animal/hugh laurie dream xDD only with me, it was elephants. and he was wooster. isn't he fabulous? :D

Was this Jeeves and Wooster Hugh Laurie, Blackadder Hugh Laurie, House M.D. Hugh Laurie, or just regular old Hugh Laurie? Because either way, wow.

Oh wait, so that guy in this "House" show I never watch is Hugh Laurie?
Yes, I'm laggy.

but there are so many ways that can go right. He could save you from the lions, be as fierce as a lion, disarm them with his charming dry British wit... Just be there to give one something nice to look at upon dying.....

Totally makes it worth getting torn to pieces by big kitties.

LMAO This is officially one of the best posts I've ever read. You win FOREVER.